Cybercrime – don’t become a victim of a cyber-attack!

One in ten people have been the victim of a cyber-attack on their credit or debit card in the last year, according to our new research. In 62% of cases, money was successfully removed from the account with an average of £475 stolen. At a national level this equates to 4.5 million credit or debit cards cancelled in the last twelve months with more than £2.1 billion stolen in total*.

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And it seems that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime time for fraudsters. It’s expected that more than £18.5 million could be stolen from UK bank accounts as we rush to take advantage of discount prices. Our research into previous online sales figures and cybercrime statistics discovered the amount spent online form home could increase tenfold over the two days as we all look for bargains. We’ve estimated that almost £10 million will be stolen as a result of the surge in online activity on Black Friday and £8.6 million on Cyber Monday.

Cybercrime - don't become a victim of a cyber-attack!
*Adult UK population calculated from ONS Mid-2015 Population Estimates: Pivot table Analysis Tool for the United Kingdom.