Look after the pennies, your gran would say, and the pounds will look after themselves. It’s a lovely idea, but how many of us just let those coppers slip through our fingers? We could all do with a bit more everyday financial savvy – here’s a few small ways to help conserve your cash. 

Spring clean your accounts

Most of us have one or two stray direct debits hanging around our bank account. Do you still read that magazine? Do you still go to the gym? Really? Take a few moments to cancel the things you’re no longer using and enjoy the little monthly bump in your balance.

Making the most of incentives

Are you getting the most out of your bank account? Some bank accounts give you a boost by providing an incentive for opening or switching your account to one of theirs. This could be cash incentives, supermarket reward points or cashback. These may sound like little rewards, but they could soon add up. Use our current account comparison service to see what’s available.

Review your outgoings

Have a look through your monthly spend and see if there’s anything you can cut out. Do you really need that 3 course take away every Friday night or could buying supermarket own brand instead cut down on your groceries? Are you spending more than you need on clothes or entertainment? These seemingly minor expenses could be chipping away at those potential savings.

Scout around for vouchers

Going shopping? Have a quick look online to see if there are any discount codes available for the places you fancy going to – there are often big savings to be made on clothes, not to mention a nice dinner afterwards. It’s always worth signing up to the mailing lists of online outlets too – they like to entice you to shop by offering you money off.

Are you eligible?

There are many government schemes that you may be entitled to which could help you save a little bit extra. See if you’re entitled to any of these schemes by searching around, such as the Winter fuel payment or the recent marriage allowance.

Make your cards and accounts work harder

If you’re sensible with your credit card you can get more out of it, like cashback as a thank you for spending. Similarly, you can earn rewards on a card that you use frequently. If you have a savings account, make sure you’re getting the right deal and that your rates are still working hard for you. Compare savings accounts and credit cards before you decide which one will fit best in your wallet.