Have you ever wondered how the typical British household spends their income each year? How does this look over a whole lifetime of employment?

We’ve delved deep into official ONS data to reveal just where our wages go and how much of our lives we spend working to cover various costs.

Firstly, here’s what the annual spending habits of the average British household looks like…

What are you working for - annual income

But how about when we look at this over a lifetime? Just how much of our lives do we spend working to keep a roof over our heads? To keep a car on the road or even on entertainment?

Here’s how the average Brit’s lifetime earnings are spent…

What are you working for - lifetime income


The above was calculated using ONS data and by assigning 260 working days per year, 21.66 working days per month, 5 working days per week and 7.5 working hours per day.

If you’re wondering what we work the hardest for, however:

What are you working for - top 5

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