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Unless you’re already a biker, BMW is probably best known to you for its marque cars. However, BMW has many bike options that can be bought new in the UK, plus countless others second hand. That means there’s a bike to suit all needs whether you want the thrill of a sports model, the comfort of a tourer or the convenience and economy of a scooter.

Whatever bike you choose, it’s very important to make sure that you get the right BMW motorcycle insurance in place. We’re here to help make that as simple as possible.

A word on BMW motorcycles

The history of BMW motorcycles is an interesting one.

BMW in 1914 was a leading aircraft engine producer. But by 1918, BMW ceased the manufacture of its engines and switched not to cars, but to motorbikes. In 1920 it produced its first engine, a 2 stroke 148cc motor called the Kurier. It was in 1923 though that BMW was taken seriously as a producer. This was when legendary BMW designer Max Friz drew up plans for a new kind of motorcycle – what was to become the 486cc R32, a bike capable of reaching 60mph.

Further development followed spurred on by the sport of bike racing and in 1929 it was a BMW 750cc that set a new land speed record of 134mph. Then, with much German production turned over to military purposes during WWII, BMW produced the R75, a beast of a bike that had two seats and the side car – much seen in war films! In fact, the US was so impressed with the bike that it sent ones to Harley Davidson to copy!

BMW then switched back to focus on its motorcycle business and the business grew strongly with over 23,000 bikes sold a year by 1955. In 1960 the fastest Boxer available at the time was produced, capable of almost 110mph. In 1973 as BMW celebrated 50 years, the 500,000th BMW rolled off the production line, with the new R90 900cc model brought out to celebrate.

Fast forward 30 years and BMW continues to face down Japanese competition head on. The S1000RR superbike introduced in 2009 represented a shift into new territory and as well as new levels of performance, BMW has used its electronics expertise to develop advanced traction control. Not stopping there, the K1600 series of 2011 introduced the first 6 cylinder BMW.

BMW motorcycles today

We said at the outset that today BMW had a bike to suit everyone and we weren’t kidding.

For high-end performance, BMW has the Sport range, the S1000 RR being the flagship. Its water-cooled engine is capable of producing 199hp at 13,500 rpm. All this with increased safety thanks to BMW dynamic traction control.

BMW has a range of Touring bikes. From the 90hp F800 GT to the 6 cylinder K1600 GTL, BMW offers luxurious, high quality touring. The latter’s 160hp engine ensures that you don’t have to compromise on performance to ride in comfort!

For bikes with stunning looks and great performance, BMW has its Roadster Heritage range. The nippy yet manoeuvrable G310R is perfect for the city or for escaping from it in equal measure! Of course Roadsters come in varying sizes, the R1200R for example generates 125 hp, a powerful all-rounder that looks great while being comfortable to ride.

For customisation, the Heritage range offers a great number of options, combining classic shapes with up to the minute advances in state of the art technology. The R NINE T is just one example, a 1200cc beauty capable of producing 110hp.

If you’re into off-roading, check out the Adventure range, or if you’re navigating the narrow, congested streets of the city, how about a Maxi-scooter courtesy of the c650 range. Who said scooters were pedestrian? The C650 Sport manages to generate 60hp. It could also manage 110mph if the city and the speed limit allowed it!

Insuring a BMW motorcycle

When it comes to insuring your BMW motorcycle, the exact cost will depend on a host of factors personal to you. Which bike you ride for starters as well as how old you are, and how long you’ve been riding. Keeping your bike in a locked garage wherever you live could help keep your premiums down, however living in certain postcodes could mean your insurance is more expensive.

We asked our experts to tell us what a sample of BMW motorcycles were costing recently to insure and those results are shown below.**


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