Motorbike FAQs

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Motorbike FAQs

Having your own transport is liberating and if you love your motorbike then you’d probably argue two wheels is infinitely better than four. Especially true if you’ve ever weaved your way through a traffic jam leaving irritated car drivers in your wake. But don’t forget to do the essential (boring) stuff like sorting out your insurance, here, we’ll try and answer all your motorbike frequently asked questions.

What factors affect the cost of my motorbike insurance?

When it comes to insurance, providers will consider things like how old you are, what motorbike you have, where you live and also where your bike’s stored. But that’s not all, there’s a whole other set of influences that will affect the cost, find out more and also what you can do about it in our guide on the factors affecting your motorbike insurance.

Which motorbike cover is right for me?

That depends on you, your bike and your lifestyle – for example, you might want to add additional riders to the policy or you may even have modified your bike, in which case you’ll need your policy to reflect this. Find out more about the options available, how to compare insurance and for tips on deciding what the best policy for you is, read our ‘Which motorbike cover is right for me?’

What extra training can I take to lower my motorcycle insurance?

You can take part in the government’s ‘Enhanced rider scheme’ which checks your motorbike riding skills as well as provides training in areas that you need improvement in. It’s not a test, more of an assessment of how you ride and at the end of the session (which lasts around 1-2 hours) you’ll be given a ‘DVSA certificate of competence’ which will give you a discount on your premium with most insurance providers. If the assessor thinks you could ‘do better’ then they’ll work with you to help you improve, once they’re happy with your skills, you’ll get your certificate. Find out more about other advanced training and what you could save in our guide ‘What extra training can I take to lower my motorcycle insurance?

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