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If you’re already riding a Honda, or you’re thinking of buying a Honda motorcycle, you’re in good company. Honda is a manufacturer that dominates the top selling bikes in the UK, with 4 in the top 10 of 2016.


That’s probably not surprising given the huge breadth of motorcycles available – there truly is a bike that will suit everyone. Whatever you ride however, one thing remains the same - the need to get the right insurance policy in place. That’s where we can help – read on to find out more.

Honda – A short history

Soichiro Honda began producing motorcycles in 1946 to satisfy a thirst for cheap transport in Japan – a country that had been devastated by the second world war. He hit upon the idea of fitting small engines to bicycle frames. As the idea caught on, and became popular, Honda, an engineer, designed his own 50cc engine. In 1949 the first Honda was born – The model D - the D standing for dream.

Honda was a man with big ideas and the E-type Dream soon followed. For this bike Honda had designed his own frame and suspension as well as the engine. The small machine was capable of 50mph, despite only generating 5 ½ bhp!

More models followed, but the breakthrough game in 1958 when the C100 Super Club hit the American market. The C100 went to on to be the best-selling motorcycle of all time, with over 30 million being built.

With the coffers swelling on sales of the C100, Honda invested in racing. Success came quickly, with victory on the Isle of Man in 1961. The incredible winning 125cc machine able to rev up to 22,000 rpm!

In 1969, Honda’s first 750 was produced, the CB750 which went on to dominate the motorcycle market. With smaller 350, 400 and 550cc motors also arriving, Honda helped usher in the Japanese domination of the motorcycling market.

Honda also sought to address the growing touring market, the GL1000 Gold Wing providing a bike ideal for such purposes. It’s 999cc water cooled engine was powerful and reliable, making it an instant hit.

Honda performance bikes were also to become a big hit. For example, the CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, which arrived in 1996 was the fastest motorcycle in production. This was to become very popular with long range high speed touring fans.

Today’s range

Today, Honda is the biggest selling motorcycle manufacturer in the world and it’s range of bikes in the UK is huge.

If it’s a Super Sport that interests you, the Fireblade is one of the most exciting bikes on the road. These £12,000 to £13,000 machines with sports styling and performance to boot are as exhilarating on the road as they are on the track. For Sport Touring, how about the VFR800F and VFR1200F, available between £13,000 and £14,600.

Under ‘Adventure’, as Honda terms it, there’s a huge variety of machines, including the CRF1000, the 2nd bestselling bike in the UK in 2016. If 1000cc is a little punchy for you, there’s the CRF250L or the CB500X and NC750X.

Honda, following the success of its C100, has prided itself on well designed, reliable machines. Prince amongst these machines is perhaps the CB125F, which at around £2,700 is the 4th bestselling bike on UK roads. Of course, street bikes come in a number of sizes. If you’ve outgrown the 125, the CB1000R and CB1100EX amongst others, will get the heart moving.

And last but by no means least, the scooter range. While Honda currently has nine different models for sale, a word of mention to the PCX125. The best seller in the UK, the sleekly styled, easy handling and of course super fuel efficient – 133mpg - PCX is loved by many. It’s not hard to see why.

Insuring a Honda

We can’t tell you exactly what it will cost you to insure your Honda, that’s because it depends on a number of factors including, well, you! How old you are and how long you have been riding, will, for a start make a difference.

So too will where you live and where you keep your motorcycle. A locked garage is best when it comes to insurance. Other security features could also make a difference.

Then there’s the bike itself. What model you ride and how much it is worth will have a big bearing on the price.

What we can do here though is give you a feel for the cost of Honda motorcycle insurance. Our experts have been busy and we can tell you the average prices for a number of the leading models.**

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