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Power. Performance. Control. Delivering a bike that combines the three to produce an exhilarating combination of great design and performance is at the heart of what the manufacturerHonda, seeks to achieve with its CBR range.

Such a bike is worth insuring properly to make sure it, and more importantly you and other road users are protected. Spending just a few minutes of your time finding the right policy can be well worth it – we’re here to make it as simple as possible.

A word or two on the CBR

Mr . Soichiro Honda, founder of Honda Motor Co., produced their first proper motorcycle, a 98cc two stroke engine in 1946. Honda went on to create the biggest selling motorcycle of all time – the Super Cub (or the C50, C70, and C90 to us in the UK) with the slogan: 'You only meet nice people on a Honda'. Soon after, Honda started producing sports bikes – and they haven't look back.

These days Honda's sports bikes are collectively called the CBR series. The flagship bike is the Fireblade; this bike has been produced for over 20 years. Other bikes in the super sport series differ in power and engine. The starter bike in the series is the CBR300R which only requires an A2 licence. This means that the younger rider can experience the feel of a sports bike without having too much power to control – a good introduction into the world of speed.

Although the CBR Fireblade is probably the best known of their recent motorcycles, Honda has a whole range of bikes – perfect for whatever type of rider you are.
The Gold Wing looks like the Grandfather of luxury motorcycles with its passenger sitting very comfortably in what looks like an arm chair, and the Pan European looks well equipped for transcontinental touring. Honda also produce a sport tourer... just in case you want to tour quickly!

The street bikes are trendy, whilst the off-roaders are great to get dirty. Finally, of course, Honda have a scooter too. Walk into a Honda dealership and you should find a bike to suit all interests. New or second hand, the Honda motorcycle continues to be a popular choice for bikers around the world.

Insuring a CBR

If you own a Honda CBR, are about to buy one or are simply considering your options, you'll want to know that you can get great value Honda bike insurance.

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