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Kawasaki, a manufacturer's name synonymous with motorcycling. Cool name, cool bikes. Whether you’ve been riding for many years or are relatively new to biking, owning a Kawasaki is something very special.


That’s why it’s important to get the not-so-cool stuff like motorcycle insurance sorted out. Finding the best policy to suit you can be time consuming, but fear not - that’s where we can help.

An introduction to Kawasaki

Kawasaki can trace its history back well over 100 years - to 1896 in fact. In those days of course, motorbikes were something of the future. Kawasaki back then was more concerned with shipbuilding and had no interest in biking until the 1960’s. That’s when they brought Meguro motorcycles, then a well-known Japanese brand and the only producers of a 500cc machine.

Kawasaki progressed quickly and by the turn of the 1970’s they’d expanded the product range to include 50’s, 125’s, 250’s and a 750 model – at that time the biggest bike in Japan. They’d also had success on the track winning their first world championship in 1969.

Through the 1970’s and 1980’s Kawasaki competed head on with Honda on and off the track. The 900cc Z1 outpowered the Honda 750 on the road and on the track, and world championships came in the 250 and 350cc classes as well as in the AMA Superbike championship.

The 90’s and noughties have seen more success and new bikes. The ZX-12R was born in 2000, becoming the flagship of the ZX series. In 2008 the Concours range was overhauled, now sharing the 1352cc engine with the ZX-14. This bike is dubbed by many as the ultimate touring machine. They didn’t stop there and improvements to the Ninja 250 and KLR 650 keep Kawasaki modern and current for today’s bikers.

Today’s Kawasaki models 

Kawasaki really do have a bike to suit everyone.

For the ultimate in performance and technical excellence there’s the Supersport range of Kawasaki Ninja’s. They don’t come cheap though; the Ninja H2 will set you back a cool £25,000 for example. However, the supercharged 4 stroke really does deliver when it comes to performance.

For something that’s more affordable but still delivers, how about the Kawasaki Sport range. Whether it’s the £4,900 Ninja 300 or the £6,000 ER models, escape the city for some exciting sports handling – in comfort obviously thanks to the deeply padded seats.

If it’s Touring or Cruising that are for you, Kawasaki have much to offer. The £13,500, 1400cc Grand Tourer will allow you to travel in comfort as well as style while not compromising on performance. For the ultimate in touring, check out the £16,700 V twin VN1700 Voyager – perfect for long distance motorcycling.

If you’re heading off-road, the Motocross range including the famed KX65 and KX85 bikes are completion ready machines for off road and competitive use.

Need something small and nippy to get you around the city? How about a Scooter, for example the £3,800 J125? Kawasaki call it a “traffic beating scooter”, helping you through the grind of the daily rush hour.

Insuring a Kawasaki

Making sure you have the right Kawasaki motorcycle insurance in place will help protect you and your machine in the event that something goes wrong.

The price that you’ll pay depends upon a number of factors personal to you.

These include:

•The actual motorbike you’re riding. The model, age and value of your Kawasaki will all make a difference to your cover price.

•How old you are and how much experience you have will count too. Younger, less experienced riders typically pay more for their bike insurance.

•The postcode in which you live will make a difference, as will where you physically keep the bike when you’re not riding it. Adding security features and keeping your bike in a locked garage can help keep your premiums down.

•How often you use your bike will also make a difference. If you ride relatively few miles, you’re by definition less of a risk than someone who rides many times more. Restricting your mileage is a way of ensuring that you don’t pay more for your insurance than you need to.

•Your occupation may also affect how much you’ll pay. Certain professions pay more than others as they’re considered a higher risk.

Average prices

So, let’s look at some detail. Our experts have pulled together the latest average prices for some Kawasaki examples**:

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