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The iconic Vespa is renowned the world over by riders and fans. This reputation has been built over 70 years. Since its humble inception in 1946 by Piaggio, the Vespa, which means ‘wasp’ in Italian, has become a style icon in its own right.

Being a desirable brand has its downsides and the Vespa may be a popular target for thieves. That’s one good reason why it’s so important to make sure you’ve got good Vespa scooter insurance cover in place.

The Vespa Story

When he first saw his new machine, Enrico Piaggio declared, “It looks like a wasp!” The name stuck. The birth of the Vespa changed the Italian language forever with the new verb – vespare, simply meaning to travel somewhere on a Vespa!

Post-war Italy was in need of some fun and entertainment. The Vespa’s timing was perfect. Here was a little machine which allowed you to literally step into it. It was easy to ride, reliable and maneuverable around the myriad of pot holes that plagued Italy’s roads at the time. Above all else though it was fun!

The Vespa appealed to both sexes. Its film appearance in Roman Holiday, the 1953 romantic comedy with movie greats Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, is alleged to have contributed to a spike in sales all on its own.

In fact, the Vespa has managed to cement a place in youth and film culture. Ridden by a young Sting (appropriate on a wasp?!) in the 1979 film Quadrophenia, with Matt Damon in a Talented Mr Ripley, and being raced by Gwen Stefani in a music video in 2007 to name but three.

As cities became more and more congested and fuel prices rose, the Vespa continued to meet a need. A trendy machine that allowed easy access through traffic and didn’t break the bank in the process.

While international rivals have come and gone, the Vespa has been styled and restyled repeatedly – always appearing to stay modern yet never ditching the characteristic look. Looking at a 2016 Vespa, it’s such a different machine mechanically from its 1946 ancestor, yet instantly recognisable as a relation.

It remains a design that just oozes Italian charm and sophistication. With well over 16 million Vespa motor scooters sold around the world, it’s clearly a charm that’s here to stay.

The current Vespa range

Making full use of its history and iconic styling, the Primavera is a legendary Vespa initially launched back in 1968. Now with a brand new futuristic look, the Primavera boasts great handling thanks to its lightweight frame. With a range of modern efficient engines and a range of colours, there’s a Primavera for everyone.

The Sprint is the sportiest and most dynamic “small body” Vespa in the Vespa range. Building on the sporty Vespas of the ’60s and ’70s it manages to retain historic features whilst feeling modern and comfortable to ride.

The GTS comes with either a 125 or 300cc engine and while retaining the traditional Vespa features, has the best of state of the art technology including traction control and antilock brakes – ideal if you’re planning on taking your Vespa on adventures outside the city.

Originally launched 40 years ago in 1977, the Vespa PX must be one of the few bikes on the road with such longevity. This classic shape has sold over 3 million around the world. Renowned for its toughness and reliability, the PX continues to be loved in large numbers.

Insuring your Vespa

Whichever Vespa you choose, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right insurance cover in place. How much will it cost? Well, our experts have been busy and the following average prices are what you might expect to pay. 

Of course, these averages are not what you’ll actually pay. That depends on a number of different factors such as:

Which Vespa you choose - Which Vespa, its age and value will all be factors in determining the actual cost.

All about you - How old you are, and how long you’ve been riding will influence the price. The younger you are, the less experienced you’re likely to be. Unfortunately, young and inexperienced riders are statistically more likely to make a claim. This means they can expect to pay more for their Vespa scooter insurance.

Where’s home? - In some postcodes theft is a bigger problem than in others. Insurance providers know this and take it into account when pricing policies.

Security - Where you keep your Vespa when you’re not riding it will also make a difference. If you can keep it in a locked garage that may help keep your premiums down as may any extra security features that you add.

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