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Compare off-road motorbike insurance

Riding a motorbike along precarious unpaved trenches and being splattered by mud isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but if it’s yours then good for you. But before you set off for another adrenaline-inducing adventure like a track day, make sure you’ve got cover - especially in winter. Whilst it’s fun, off-road biking can also be a little… unpredictable, shall we say – so make sure someone’s got your back.

Do I need off-road bike insurance?

Unless your bike never, ever sets wheels on a public road and is only ever used off-road then you’ll need to have it insured.

Insurance isn’t just for riding on public roads, it’s there to protect you, your bike and any third parties in the event of an accident. And when you are off-road, isn’t it more reassuring to know that you’ll be covered for any mishaps?


Can’t I use standard motorbike insurance for my off-road bike?

If you’re using your off-road bike for normal road use then you can get a standard policy. But if you’re planning to use your off-road bike for what’s it’s made for, you will need specialist cover. Equally, it may be worth speaking directly with the insurance provider to see what they can offer.

Many standard motorbike insurance policies won’t cover you for your off-road bike. You’ll need to read the small print in any existing policy you have but chances are it’ll say something along the lines of you not being covered for any purpose other than what’s stated on your insurance certificate. And most standard policies will only cover you for regular road use. Some policies will however, explicitly state that you won’t be insured if your bike is used off-road.

If you use your bike off-road and only have standard insurance and come to make a claim, your provider can decide not to compensate you. So if you’re in any doubt, it’s always best to check what your policy says.

As an off-road rider you’ll probably have a different set of needs to a regular road bike user anyway, so chances are a standard insurance policy simply wouldn’t cut it when it comes to meeting your needs.

What should I consider when choosing off-road bike insurance?

Off-road bikes may need tailored insurance – some points to consider include:

  • Breakdown cover – when you’re bouncing off mounds of dirt and racing round unpredictable tracks, your bike’s going to be taking a beating and one day it might decide enough is enough – so be prepared.
  • Accidental damage and personal injury cover – because when you’re racing around on two wheels at high speed, there could be an accident at some point.
  • In transit cover – just in case you don’t arrive at your destination unscathed.
  • Tool cover – if your bike is stolen along with tools, having this will mean you’re fully compensated.

What can I do to lower the cost of insurance for my off-road bike?

We all like to save money and the good news is that even off-road biking, adrenaline junkies like you, can still save money on your bike insurance. Off-road bikes don’t tend to rack up as many miles as their regular road-cruising cousins so you could look around for what’s known as limited mileage cover which takes that into consideration.

You can also help lower premiums by investing in some security for your bike. If you’re lucky enough to be able to store your motorcycle, at night or during winter, in a secure garage or on a drive, then that could knock a few pounds off your policy. But even if you don’t, making sure that your bike’s protected in other ways such as fitted with an immobiliser, alarm or lock can be a good way of deterring thieves and potentially lowering the cost of your premium.

Of course, experience is the one thing you can’t buy, but being an experienced rider is also more likely to mean favourable premiums. Plus, if you’ve never made any claims on your insurance then that’s another point in your favour.

How do I find the right insurance for me?

That’s the easy bit. At, choosing insurance providers based on your specific needs is right at your fingertips. Simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll do the boring search bit for you – leaving you to choose the lucky provider. But remember – whilst you might not mind your bike getting mucky, a dirt cheap policy shouldn’t automatically be the winning one.

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