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Suzuki. Can there be any name more synonymous with motorcycling? Currently with over fifty different new bikes to choose from, Suzuki really does have something for every type of biker. That means whether you’re very experienced or just starting out, Suzuki has something for you.

If you’re riding a Suzuki, you’ll want to make sure you and your machine are protected with the right insurance policy and that’s where we can help

Where did Suzuki start?

It would be a great pub quiz question. “What was Suzuki’s first product?” You’d be forgiven for going for a motorbike, or perhaps even a pedal bike, but no, the answer is a loom! The Suzuki Loom Works opened in Japan in 1909 making weaving looms for the cotton industry.

In fact, it was nearly 50 years later when Suzuki made its first ‘motorbike’ which was actually a motorised bicycle - literally a 36cc engine strapped to a bicycle frame!

10 years later in 1962, Suzuki had their first success in motorbike racing, the sport in which they’d become famous from then on. Ernst Degner powered to victory in the TT before going on to become the 50cc world champion.

By the 1970’s, Suzuki had added world titles in the 125, 250 and Motocross categories too. 1976 was for British fans, one of their finest years. The great Barry Sheene roared to his first world title on the RG500, the famous bike taking all of the top six places in the championship.

In the 1980’s Suzuki’s road bikes had well and truly caught up with their bigger brothers from the track. The GSX1100S Katana and GSX-R750 were by now setting the standard for road bike performance.

By 2012 GSX-R series production had gone beyond a million bikes, and it continues to delight riders as it had done for 30 years.

What insurance do I need for my Suzuki bike?

Whether you’re thinking of riding a Suzuki scooter, adventure, street or sport bike, the importance of getting the right insurance for you is exactly the same.

As with car insurance, you’ll usually have three types of cover to choose from:

  • Third party only. The most basic cover available which only covers damage to a third party’s vehicle, property or person in the event of an accident.

  • Third party fire and theft. This cover provides the same protection as third party but with the addition of covering you in the event that your motorbike is stolen or damaged by fire.

  • Comprehensive. Provides the same level of cover as third party fire and theft whilst also including cover for yourself and damage to your motorbike in the event that you’re to blame.

You might think that comprehensive insurance costs more. If you do, think again as it is not necessarily always the case.


Which factors influence the price of Suzuki motorcycle insurance?

There are a number of different factors that go into producing the price for your motorcycle insurance. These include:

  • The bike you ride. Obviously, Suzuki motorcycles vary considerably. The model, age and value of your bike will make a big difference to the price of your cover.

  • The experience of the rider. Younger riders with less experience usually pay more for their bike insurance.

  • Location. Where you live and where you keep your bike can also make a difference. If you live in a busy urban area, you may find your premium is higher than someone who lives in a quieter neighborhood. Having secure premises to lock your bike away in could also help keep your premium down – as will any other security devices you have or add.

  • Annual millage. How many miles you ride a year can also make a difference. If you ride relatively few miles, you are by definition less of a risk than someone who rides a lot more. So, only using your bike at certain times of year or restricting your mileage may help keep down the cost of your policy.

  • Occupation. The job that you do may also affect how much you’ll pay. Certain professions are considered a higher risk and may be charged more.

What’s the average insurance price for Suzuki bikes?

Our experts have done some research and looked at the average costs of some of the most popular Suzuki bikes on the road today.**

How can I compare Suzuki bike insurance?

We make comparing Suzuki bike insurance really quick and simple. Find out just how easy it is by entering the details of you and your bike and trying it today. See how much you could save by using our bike insurance comparison service.

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