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Switch energy this weekend and for every switch we’ll donate £5 to Friends of the Elderly
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Switch energy this weekend and for every switch we’ll donate £5 to Friends of the Elderly.


A report by has revealed the cold truth of fears the elderly face over energy bills this winter. One in five (20%) of the nation aged 65 and over admit to not using their heating despite feeling cold, and over a third (34%) ration their heating usage.

The study also found that the elderly’s energy woes are being concealed from their nearest and dearest despite:

- 12% admitting that they worry about getting seriously ill this winter as a result of not using heating when cold,

- Over 1 in 10 (11%) hide their conservative use of energy from family members,

- 8% also admitted that they tend to only heat their homes when expecting guests.

Despite the widespread concern over keeping warm, Brits are still not switching energy providers to ensure they get the best deals. Just over half (53%) of all Brits surveyed had not changed energy suppliers in the last three years, and nearly two thirds (63%) aged 65 or over hadn’t. Perhaps most surprising is that despite worrying about affording to keep warm 22% of the elderly report they have never changed energy providers.

Steve Allen, Chief Executive of Friends of the Elderly said: "Many older people have difficulty staying warm and well in the winter. As well as struggling to cope with escalating heating and fuel allowance costs, an alarming number also have no one to talk to about their concerns about staying well at this time of year. We hope the Great British Switch will not only help people save money and stay warm, but also encourage people to look out for older neighbours, friends and relatives over the winter period and all year round."

Take part in the Great British Switch this weekend on 14-16 November to see if you can save money on your energy, and help keep those most vulnerable warm this winter. Terms and conditions apply.