Electric vehicle infrastructure set for £400m boost

New funding from the government could more than double the number of rapid charging points in the UK.

Tom Harrison
Content writer
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Posted 12 SEPTEMBER 2019

The government is investing £400m to improve the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure.

The first £70m of the Treasury’s Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund will help build 3000 new rapid charge points. This will more than double the existing number to 5000 by 2024.

It can take as little as 20 minutes to recharge a family car using a rapid charge point, compared to existing technology which takes around twice that time.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said he wanted the process of charging an EV to become ‘as easy as plugging in a smartphone’.

Mr Shapps added: “It’s fantastic there is already a rapid charge point at almost every motorway service station, and now more charging stations than petrol stations. But I want to see thousands more charge points installed across the UK.”

The investment is part of a wider move by the government to end the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040.

Car manufacturers too are embracing the move to EVs. For example, last summer, it was announced that Jaguar Land Rover had joined forces with BMW to drive innovation in the EV market as the car industry explores ways to lower the cost of EVs for consumers.

Green investments

In total, more than half a billion pounds of investment in green technologies was announced by the government this week.

As well as the £400m fund earmarked for the development of EV infrastructure, the Treasury is spending £142.9m on research and development.

This includes £22m of spending to help minimise the effects of new kinds of air pollution.