How to choose the right smartphone

Do you need one of the new iPhones? Or is a different smartphone right for you?

Tom Harrison
Content writer
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Posted 23 SEPTEMBER 2019

Three new smartphones were launched by Apple on 10 September; iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The top-of-the-range devices promise better photography, advanced video quality and editing features. While the focus is on an enhanced camera experience, it’s just one of the features to think about when deciding on a new smartphone. Let’s look at the smarter way to choose the right smartphone for you:

Battery – As screens get bigger and screen time increases, you’ll need a phone that boasts a long battery life to get you through the day. The new iPhone Pro Max comes with an Apple-designed A13 bionic chip, giving it the longest battery life of any other iPhone.

Storage – Many of us use our phones to download music and films, play games and more, so getting the right amount of storage is important. 64GB is the new standard for most phones, but if you’re opting for a slightly older model, aim for at least 32GB.

Camera – When it comes to photography, the best phone cameras aren’t always the ones with the highest pixels but ones that operate well in low light, focus well and take clear pictures both up close and far away. Look for a good all-rounder.

Screen – If you want your phone to comfortably fit in one hand you may opt for a 5”-5.5” screen but if you’re looking to watch lots of video or play games you may want to go up to 6”.

Display – Look out for the brightness of the display and colour quality, along with pixel density (the higher the better).

Additional features – Smartphones, both Android and iPhone, come with a range of additional features, so you’ll need to think about which matter to you most. Water and dust resistant screens, headphone jacks and fingerprint technology are all things to consider.