Rising car insurance premiums

Latest research from Which? the consumer body, is indicating that car insurance premiums are hitting their highest levels in years... more

How to get the best from your home insurance

Last week the ABI issued a new guide to home insurance to help us all get the best of our cover. They hope that it will allow the UK’s 37 million home insurance customers better understand their cover... more

Travel insurance payout

Travel insurance providers paid out £365 million last year, according to the latest findings from The Association of British Insurers (ABI)... more

Energy snapshot April 2016

April appears to have been a tough month for our Big Six energy suppliers who have seen 36% of our customers switch away in the last month. That’s despite the fact that just 12% switched to them... more

Money Matters this March

New data from Bacs, the payments body, revealed that March 2016 was a record month for switching bank accounts following the introduction of the Current Account Switch Service (CASS) in 2013... more

Critical illness – are you covered?

Some things are hard to talk about and it’s all too easy to bury your head in the sand, and critical illness cover is one of them. But, with 70% of UK parents admitting they don’t have any form of critical illness policy, it’s time we started talking... more

Are we covered for our cats?

Quotes for cat insurance accounted for just 20.6% of all pet quotes onsite in the last month, according to our latest research...  more

Has your dog been chipped?

Have you microchipped your dog? Because if you haven’t had your canine companion chipped by the 6th April then you may be breaking the law... more

We want access to our data - do you?

Applying for car insurance means filling in complicated forms. But what if you could access a database that stored all your claims information for you?  more