and Coronation Street

In November 2012 became the proud sponsors of the nation’s best loved soap, Coronation Street. This formed an exclusive partnership bringing both brands to as many fans as possible.

The sponsorship is focused on meerkat founder Aleksandr Orlov and his pals visiting the famous Konovation Street, Meerkovo’s best loved soap, delivering exclusive video idents before, during and after the soap.

What’s the latest Coronation Street advert?

The ads change regularly. The campaign series includes stories played out on Kovonation Street with some very familiar characters. You’ll see Sergei trying to find love and watch Bogdan going through his rebellious phase. They can all be found on the Coronation Street video hub, or the Meerkat YouTube channel.

What other Corrie content does have?

The partnership also gives customers exclusive games and videos to enjoy on site.

Who else does work with? works with a number of partners to offer insurance comparison. The company also collaborates with affiliate organisations who share the same interests.