New dog at Christmas

Did you get a new dog for Christmas? If yes, you’re one of many people in the UK who welcomed in a new member of the family over the festive period. We found that over Christmas and New Year in 2014/15 pet insurance quotes for dogs were 32% higher than the same time the year before.


So, your dog is now part of your family. You might now be thinking about how best to protect your pooch. We’ve pulled together some research to show you the most popular dogs in the UK and how much you’re likely to be paying to cover them.


Pet infographic - December 2015


It’s no surprise that rare breeds like the Shar Pei are the most expensive canines to insure but you may not have realised the difference between the top and bottom of the pack when it comes to insurance premiums.


Gemma Sonfield, our head of pet insurance, said, “The majority of the quotes we’ve seen were for younger dogs and purebreds, with puppies making up 40% and pedigrees 68% of all quotes. Only 10% of quotes were for crossbreeds over the age of three.”


With four types of insurance to choose from (Accident Only, Lifetime, Max Benefit and Time Limited), there’s a lot to consider when it comes to dog cover. In 2015, we noticed that over half of all policies taken out for dogs were Lifetime ones. These policies, which offer comprehensive cover throughout your dog’s life, also cover any pre-existing medical conditions they may have. Lifetime policies were also up 19% on 2015 and it seems that this type of policy is becoming even more popular; offering protection against rising bills. However, there are still annual claim limits in place so make sure you’re clear on the T&Cs if you take out this type of policy.


Even though Accident Only policies offer some of the cheapest premiums per month, the number of these taken out in 2015 fell by almost a third (30.9%). They often don’t provide cover if your pet falls ill and could have financial caps and time limits in place. So it seems that as vet bills creep higher, you’re happier to pay a little more per month to ensure you’re not left out of pocket if your dog becomes unwell.


Our stats also revealed that annual dog insurance premiums have risen on average 7.5% year on year, from £137.04 to £147.35 so you could be paying more than you were this time last year. Premiums can vary depending on factors such as age, health and pedigree of your dog so it is worth considering which of the four different policy types available best suits your pet and shopping around for the best deal.


Don’t want to end up in the dog house? By comparing pet insurance quotes here you can shop around and find a policy that offers the right level of cover for you and your pup