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Pampered pooches

Animal lovers in the UK spend over £4 billion a year on their pets. And this is not only on food, toys or vet costs. They also spend a large amount of that on grooming, spa days and body treatments. From pawdicures to organic bath massages and spiritual retreats, nothing seems too much when it comes to pampering your beloved pets, but remember - you could be breaking the law and invalidating your car insurance if your dogs are not suitably restrained while in a vehicle!

If you’re looking to treat your dog, read on below where we explore eight of the most luxurious treatments available for your precious pup. For those seeking a cheaper alternative, we have also included some DIY tips and tricks to indulge your pooch at home!

1. Spiritual Retreat for Dogs

If your pup sometimes gets a little over-excited, and you’re looking for a treatment that will help enhance his well-being and behaviour, this spiritual retreat may be exactly what you need! This includes a holistic retreat where your pup will go for group dog walks and meditations, which could have a calming effect on your dog.

If you don’t want to fork out £596.00 for this, don’t fear, there are ways for you to reach a higher spiritual plane with your dog at home. First, get him in the right mood with some quiet music, and burn some incense to ease your dog into meditation. This exercise is all about connecting with your pet, so try to match the rhythm of his breathing for 5-10 minutes. This should make you both feel very relaxed!

Spiritual Retreat for Dogs

2. One-to-One Doga

Do you love yoga, but hate spending time away from your pup? Doga, or doggy yoga, is the perfect remedy. For the ultimate luxury, try a  one-to-one session with an instructor where you’ll learn relaxing yoga poses for both you and your dog!

If you’re not quite ready to invest £150.00 for two hours with a professional Doga Instructor, try the  Puppy Paw Mudra or the Doggy Savasana at home. 

One-to-One Doga

3. Luxury Blueberry Facial

Cleansing, hydrating and soothing the facial area, the blueberry facial will leave your pup feeling refreshed and good as new! All you need to do is combine a handful of blueberries, a tablespoon of aloe vera and coconut oil with half an avocado* and gently massage the mixture into your dog’s face, avoiding the eye area. This will cleanse and exfoliate the skin and makes your pup feel super soft!

*Remember to always take care when using human foods, avocado may cause stomach upset if ingested in large quantities. Make sure you throw away the stone too, in case they swallow it. 

Luxury blueberry dog facial

4. Doggy Wedding Day Package

It’s your special day and you want your pup to look as good as you do. A full body treatment including a hydro massage bath, aromatherapy, teeth brushing, pawdicure and haircut will do the trick!

We all know that a wedding can be costly, so you can save some money by rejuvenating your pup at home instead. You can treat him to a homemade facial and pawdicure and a full body massage. Finish it off with a floral collar – bind loose flowers* and foliage around a loop of florist’s wire, attaching it to your dog’s collar and he’s ready to shine at your big day!

*Remember that some flowers can be toxic to dogs, so take care when choosing your arrangements. If you’re worried, choose artificial flowers.

Doggy wedding day package

5. Doggy Spa Day

Relaxing, energising and invigorating your dog, the doggy spa day is all you need! This treatment includes many treatments, such as a brush and detangle, nail bar and paw treatment, bubble bath, blueberry facial and dental treatment!

Combining many individual treatments into one doggy spa day will make your dog feel younger than he has ever felt before! To treat him in the relaxing environment of your own home, try running a relaxing bath and adding apricot and avocado oils before giving your pooch a pawdicure or blueberry facial. Go all out for this special spa day!

Doggy Spa Day

6. Deluxe Pawdicure

A nail trim and file is not just for humans! It takes only 30 minutes to help soothe and smooth your dog’s paws with a deluxe pawdicure treatment. On top of that, you can treat your pup to a paw fur trim and a paw pad massage.

For the moisturising oatmeal foot bath, all you need is 200 grams of oatmeal and then let your pooch stand in the water to nourish the paws. The protective paw balm requires a few more ingredients, such as olive and coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax, but it’ll totally be worth it when your pup’s paws feel super smooth!

Deluxe Pawdicure

7. Organic Bath Massage

A head-to-tail organic bath massage will leave your dog rejuvenated and relaxed.  after this aromatherapy treatment! All you will need to do is stroke, rub and gently squeeze your dog to make him feel less tense and loosen up his tight muscles!

Organic bath massage for dogs

8. Mineral Mud Treatment

To help relieve skin irritations and aid your dog’s circulation, try giving him a mineral mud bath treatment! If you’ve still got some ingredients left over from the blueberry facial and the deluxe pawdicure, why not use them to give your pup a revitalising massage?

All you need is Dead Sea mud, aloe vera, coconut oil, ground oats and an avocado*. Apply the mud mask mixture all over your pup’s body, avoiding the head, making your dog feel refreshed and his skin less irritable!

*Again, remember to always take care when using human foods, avocado may cause stomach upset if ingested in large quantities. Make sure you throw away the stone too, in case they swallow it. 

Mineral mud treatment for dogs

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