Quotes for cat insurance accounted for just 20.6% of all pet quotes onsite in the last month, according to our latest research. That’s despite the fact that cats make up 46.7% of the whole cat and dog population here in the UK.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) reported last month that it’s believed that just 1 in 7 of the 7.9million cat owners in the UK have pet insurance. Despite that, claims against cat insurance were up 6% in 2015 with 193,000 claims being handled, worth a massive £105million.  That brings the average claim made for our moggies in at £544.

Interestingly, in the last 6 months the average cheapest annual premium for cat insurance came in at just £39.62 (less than £3.50 a month). For those that aren’t good at maths, that’s £504 less than the cost of the average claim.

So is it that we’re just underestimating just how expensive vet treatment could be? Research shows that a simple x-ray at the vet could set you back an average of £276, while a routine surgery could be an additional £431. What’s more, the average road accident involving a cat could set you back £592. Could you afford the vets fees if anything happened to your feline friend?

Well, it would seem that those in the South East either have more cats or are certainly keener to get them insured, as those in that region accounted for 18.6% of all cat quotes generated onsite in the last 6 months. Regions with equal enthusiasm for feline friends include East Anglia, the North West, South West and Greater London.

In comparison, it would appear that there are either fewer cats or fewer insured cats in the North East, where only 3.2% of cat enquiries were generated from. Equally as apathetic towards cats is Wales, where just 3.8% of enquiries come from.

Gemma Sonfield, our Head of Pet Insurance, says, “Wherever you and your cat live, it’s important to consider pet insurance. With vet bills on the increase, even routine operations can be costly and you need to consider whether you’d be able to afford to cover them out of your own pocket.

“For cats in particular, who are often out and about on their own, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up an illness or injury. If you want to make sure your cat gets the best care when it’s injured or unwell, it’s important to make sure you’re covered.”

So whether you want to protect your cat or your pocket, it’s worth looking into pet insurance. You can find information on the different levels of cover here, and you can compare insurance quotes now to see how little it could cost you to protect your cat.