Someone’s well and truly let the cat out of the bag as it’s been discovered that furry felines are just as bright as man’s best friend. So, it’s no more fighting like cats and dogs over which is better – in intelligence terms – it seems pooches and moggies are the same.

A Japanese study of 49 domestic cats showed that they have what’s called an ‘episodic memory’ which basically means they can remember stuff like we do about events or incidents; it’s already been shown that dogs have the same type of memory too.

The scientists tested the cats by seeing if they remembered which bowls of food they had or hadn’t eaten from, after 15 minute intervals and the results suggested they were just as bright as dogs.

But it’s not just about remembering where the food is or isn’t, further tests showed that cats were just as responsive as dogs to human facial expressions, gestures and even emotions. So, whilst we’re used to our dogs noticing that we’ve had a rough day and empathising with extra cuddles; it seems that our cats are purrfectly capable of doing the same – maybe they just choose not to.

For the 17% of UK households with a cat , finding out your favourite fur-ball has the ability to sympathise with you, but maybe chooses not to – is a bit harsh to say the least. But perhaps that’s the trade-off for cat owners who prefer a pet that’s maybe a little bit more self-reliant and less needy than a canine friend.

But bright or not, we love our four legged friends and there are 16 million cats and dogs in Britain, but only 3.9 million of them have pet insurance . Which means that their owners have to fork out for pricey vet bills and with the average bill rising 12% year on year and set to keep on rising – the result could be a hefty hole in your pocket.

Pet cover doesn’t have to be expensive and an accident only policy for your dog could cost as little as £2.99 per month** and for a cat it’s even less, as accident only policies start from just £2.94 – that’s about the same as a fancy take-away coffee. So, just because your cool cat might not like to show they care, doesn’t mean you don’t have to – start comparing pet insurance and make sure curiosity doesn’t get the better of your little kitty.

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