Pets are a bit like children – they’re good at making mess, are expensive, and get into all sorts of mischief – the only difference, is that pets don’t answer back. And quite rightly, a huge majority (94%) of owners, see their pet as more than the sum of their fur, wings or scales – they’re simply part of the family.

But a recent survey by Consumer Intelligence, found that 41% of animal owners thought that pet insurance was confusing with one third adding that it was hard deciding on an insurance provider. Of those that had cover, 9% didn’t have a clue what type of policy they had in the first place.

The main reason for not insuring pets comes down to cost with 50% of owners thinking insurance is too expensive and more than a quarter of owners (28%) thought it wasn’t worth it.

But with the average claim coming out at £757– can you afford not to have pet insurance? In 2016, pet insurance claims reached record levels. There were 932,000 claims with £706 million paid out, this was up 7% on 2015, at £657m. Vet bills are on the up and it really can pay off in the long run to have the right protection for your pet.

So, how does the cost of insurance stack up against ever increasing vet bills? We found that half of customers could insure their dog with an accident only policy for a teeny, weeny £2.99** a month; and if you have a cat, then save yourself some pennies, as the equivalent policy will set you back just £2.94***.

But if you’re one of the 41% who are confused about pet insurance and are worried about barking up the wrong tree – then don’t be. Our pets’ hub will answer your most frequently thought questions and explain the different types of policy on offer.

And if you know what you need and just want to get stuck in and find the best value for money, then we can help with that too – just and choose from dozens of trusted partners.

But, just as you can lead a horse to water but not make it drink – we can’t make you start comparing – you could be one of the 52% of people that don’t bother to shop around at renewal time. But if you did compare, then you might feel like the cat that got the cream – because the Consumer Intelligence survey also found that 76% of pet policy holders who did search and compare – saved money.

So, make sure your pawfect pet stays that way and keep them covered – after all, cats won’t stop being curious and dogs just can’t resist sniffing out (mis)adventures. But most of all, start comparing just because you love them – wet noses and all.

** 50% of customers could achieve a premium of up to £2.99 a year based on data in August 2017.


*** 50% of customers could achieve a premium of up to £2.94 a year based on data in August 2017.

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