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Kitten Insurance

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably got some new furry additions in your family. You’re not alone - together we own over 7m of our feline friends. We really are a nation of cat lovers!

Despite us owning almost as many cats as dogs, cats made up only 20% of insurance quotes last month and only 1 in 7 of us insures our cat. Despite this, claims on pet insurance policies amounted to a whopping £102m, and the average claim was £544!



Why do I need kitten insurance?

When you think about it, kittens and mishaps seem to go hand in hand in our everyday speech. Not only are they said to have (and perhaps need) nine lives, but even the proverbial curiosity is said to kill the cat! Let’s hope that’s not the case, but we even describe near misses as ‘missing by a whisker’!

Vet bills are now very expensive and in the unfortunate event of your kitten becoming ill or injuring itself, these costs can soon add up.

For many, having their kitten insured brings some peace of mind that if they do need medical help, it won’t break the bank.

There are a number of different types of policy available depending upon the type and level of cover you think you’ll need.


Types of kitten insurance

For kittens and cats, there are four main types of policy offered:

Accident only

Accident only insurance provides cover for vet fees in the event of an unexpected injury within the 12 month policy period. So if you make a claim for your cat or kitten in month 11 of your policy, you should be covered for 12 months from the date of the incident (although some providers may only provide cover from the date the claim is logged so be sure to check your terms and conditions carefully).

- Time Limited

Under this type of policy, each new condition is covered up to the financial limit for 12 months. If the limit is reached inside the 12 months, the insurer will stop paying for the condition.

- Max Benefit cover

Under max benefit, each new condition is covered up to the financial limit and as long as the insurance policy remains in place there is no time limit on your claim. Once the financial limit is reached however, the condition is defined as ‘pre-existing’ and is excluded from future claims.

- Lifetime cover

Lifetime is the most comprehensive of policies. All new medical conditions are covered up to the financial limit. If the limit is reached coverage stops until the policy is renewed. At renewal, the limit is reinstated even on existing conditions and continues for the following year.

What does the insurance cover?

It’s important to start by saying that policies may differ from each other. In some policies items are included whereas in others they aren’t. Limits can vary. It is important therefore to check the terms and conditions to be sure you have the coverage you want.

Your kitten insurance policy will cover medical expenses but it won't cover routine visits to the vet or vaccinations or neutering.

The types of costs that can be insured against include:

Vet Bills – these are the obvious and most important feature of a policy.

Death by accident or illness - hopefully you won’t be worrying about this for a while, but if your kitten dies you can get back what you paid for it or what it could have sold for. Most policies will have an age limit which is typically seven to ten years for a kitten.

Cover for advertising –  if your kitten decides to explore too far away and goes missing, you can claim back the cost of putting up posters and even paying for a reward if found.

Cattery fees - in the event that you’re hospitalised and you have no one else who can look after your kitten, this cover will pay for the use of a cattery. There are usually restrictions involving you being in hospital for a period of time in order for the cover to apply.

Euthanasia, cremation and burial - if the worst came to the worst, some policies offer to pay a contribution to these costs. 

Dental cover - if your pet needs dental work this part of the policy will cover it. This usually only covers accidents but some policies may also cover illness.

With different types of cover available and policy inclusions differing why not get your own personalised quote today? It couldn’t be simpler. Enter your kitten’s details along with yours and let us do the rest. We’ll provide you will all the options available so you can make an informed choice about what is best for you.

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