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Top ten low maintenance dogs

While there’s no such thing as a no-maintenance dog, some breeds can be a little easier to look after. Here’s our top 10 picks of the most easy-going, low maintenance dogs.

While there’s no such thing as a no-maintenance dog, some breeds can be a little easier to look after. Here’s our top 10 picks of the most easy-going, low maintenance dogs.

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Top ten low maintenance dog breeds

As all animal lovers know, owning a dog is a big commitment. As soon as you take your pet home, they become a member of your family and need the same love and attention. 

So, by low maintenance, we don’t mean a dog you can leave alone for 10 hours a day while you go to work, or one that prefers to curl up on the sofa instead of taking their daily walk. All pooches, no matter how small, short-haired or easy-going, need regular exercise, grooming, proper nutrition, playtime and care. 

However, if you have a busy life or aren’t that physically active, there are certain breeds that can fit in more easily with your lifestyle. 

With that in mind, here’s our top 10 picks of the most popular low-maintenance dog breeds.

1. Chihuahua 

These adorable pocket-sized companions are as low maintenance as they come. The smooth-coated chihuahua only needs a quick brush every now and then, and they’ll be happy with a couple of short walks a day. While they’re easy to take out and about on your daily errands, they also like to be left alone sometimes. 

Just don’t let their small size beguile you. Chihuahuas can be feisty little characters and they’ll soon let you know who the boss is, if you don’t train them well early on.

2. Dachshund 

Because of their little legs, dachshunds don’t need a great deal of exercise – a couple of short walks a day and a play in the garden should be enough. They don’t shed much either, so a weekly groom should be enough to keep their coat in good condition. 

Dachshunds like to nap a lot and stay close to their owners, so they’d be an ideal companion if you work from home or have a dog-friendly office policy at work.

3. Pug 

Sweet-natured and generally calm, a pug is the perfect stay-at-home companion. They’re a bit of a couch-potato, though, so you might need to encourage them to go on daily walks, especially if it’s raining. 

While a small amount of exercise and playtime every day will help keep your roly-poly pooch in healthy shape, make sure they don’t overdo it. Because of their flat faces, they can soon become out of breath.

4. Basset hound 

With long, soft ears and adorable droopy eyes, the basset hound is probably the most easy-going pooch there is. Patient and adaptable, they’d be just as happy on a country walk as lounging on the sofa at home. 

Because of their gentle nature, a basset hound would make an ideal low-maintenance pup for families with children.

5. French bulldog 

Another dog with a fairly easy-going attitude, the French bulldog needs minimal grooming and not a great deal of exercise. They’ll be happy with a couple of walks a day to keep them in shape. 

These big-eared pooches love companionship, so they’re better suited to an owner who is around all day.

6. Maltese 

A true lapdog, the Maltese is happy to cuddle up on your lap while you watch TV. They also hardly shed at all so you won’t be constantly cleaning dog hairs off the sofa. 

Friendly and affectionate, this toy breed doesn’t need a lot of exercise – around half an hour a day should be enough.

7. Whippet 

As long as they have enough short bursts of exercise, your whippet will be totally content lazing away the rest of the day at home. Just make sure they have a few mentally stimulating toys to play with while you’re away. 

These sweet-natured dogs are easy to groom and don’t tend to bark much, making them a wonderful companion for children.

8. Greyhound 

You might be surprised to discover that the fastest racing dogs are true couch potatoes. These long-limbed, graceful dogs have one of the most placid natures around and love nothing more than crashing out on the sofa. They’re also incredibly easy to keep clean. 

As for exercise, greyhounds tend to prefer frequent short sprints rather than longer walks, so their routines should be easier to fit into your day.

9. Border terrier 

You might think that a big personality and bags of energy would make a border terrier pretty high maintenance. 

But these fun-loving terriers are easy to train and good with kids. They’re also very adaptable and will be more than happy to fit in with your routines.

10. Mastiff 

They might look a little ferocious, but mastiffs are gentle giants at heart. They’re compliant, obedient and have surprisingly low energy levels. A couple of good walks and they’re happy to lounge around for the rest of the day. And as long as they’re trained early on, they don’t tend to suffer as much from anxiety separation as some other breeds.

Did you know?
According to search results from Google data, the most popular dog breed across the world is the golden retriever. While they may need a lot of grooming and plenty of exercise, their sweet nature and willingness to learn makes them a joy to live with.

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Frequently asked questions

Which dogs are the highest maintenance?

When it comes to energy levels, health and upkeep, there are certain breeds that can be pretty high maintenance: 

  • Border collie – can run all day long and need lots of stimulating games to keep them entertained.
  • Boxer – have tons of energy, but are also prone to health problems.
  • King Charles Spaniel – need lots of regular grooming to prevent matted fur. Bred as a companion dog, they can be clingy and may suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Chow chow – strong willed and stubborn, they could become aggressive if not properly trained. Their coats can get easily matted, so they need constant brushing and regular trips to the grooming parlour.

Do I need to walk my dog every day?

No matter how much of a couch potato your pooch is, all dogs need some form of exercise every day to keep them healthy. 

Lack of exercise can lead to obesity and behavioural problems. Depending on the breed, some may only need a quick walk around the block, while others like golden retrievers need a couple of hours of walking and play time. 

If you’re not sure how much exercise your dog should be getting, speak to your vet for advice.

Can I teach my dog to be low maintenance?

While you can’t get away from grooming, exercise or trips to the vet, you can train your dog to be well behaved – this in itself means they’ll be a lot lower maintenance. 

A properly trained pup that grows into a sociable and obedient dog means a lot less hassle and work for you in the long run.

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