It would be easy to assume that feeding your beloved pets hearty meals, table scraps, and extra treats is a sign of love. However, overfeeding a cat or dog can lead to health problems which could be difficult to manage.

Just like us, it’s important for all animals to have the right balanced diet to ensure they stay in good health. Right now, many pet owners across the UK are unknowingly failing to do this. Our own research found that 86% of pet owners are giving their pets extra snacks and treats outside of typical meal times and over half (58%) never even look at the calorie content of snacks and treats.

To help pet owners effectively manage their animal’s diet, we’ve developed a pet calorie calculator with ‘Vets in Practice’ star, Emma Milne. 

The calculator has been designed specifically to measure calorie content of human snacks and treats commonly given to pets, comparing the intake to the human equivalent number of burgers that have been consumed in a given week!

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