Do you pamper your pooch or mollycoddle your moggy? You’re not alone. We’ve discovered that in the UK we spend £10 billion pounds on our dogs and £8 billion on our cats each year – and that doesn’t even include any insurance to protect our furry friends.


Our research found that we spend nearly £1,150 a year caring for our animals, the equivalent of around £95 per month. Of that amount, almost £200 on average is spent on outfits, with as many as one in five of us (22%) admitting to spending up to £20 a month on pet ensembles. This is the highest amount after food and grooming so we really do like to pamper our pets.


But while we’re happy enough buying gifts and spoiling our companions with outfits and accessories, we seem to be putting insurance to the back of our minds. Many of us believe that pet insurance is too expensive, leading to 70 per cent of all pets roaming uninsured, and potentially exposing their owners to significant vet bills should they become unwell or injured. Those that didn’t have pet insurance paid on average £479 in vet bills over their pet’s lifetime.




We can see that pets can be expensive to take care of, and we often think that pet insurance is out of our reach. But while many of you without insurance (57%) estimated that insurance for dogs costs between £11 and £20 per month, the reality is that pet insurance starts from as little as £4 per month depending on the age and breed of your dog.


Gemma Sonfield, our Head of Pet Insurance, said, “It’s concerning that so many owners are put off by the cost of insurance, when in fact premiums for many breeds cost as little as £4 per month. This sort of confusion leads to inertia which prevents people taking out protection which could save hundreds of pounds in vet bills over their pet’s lifetime.”


So if you’re ready to protect your pet and your pocket, why not start a quote and see how much it could cost you to cover your special one. It could be less than you think.