Do we love our pooches more than our feline friends?

Are we a nation of dog lovers or are we more partial to a cuddle with our cat? As National Pet Month gets into full swing, we’re asking are you team paw or team claw?

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You’re partial to a pooch, and who can blame you? Those cuddly yet often mischievous mutts are full of fun and affection.


Who will come out top: team paw or team claw?


Our latest research

Dog quotes account for 79% of all pet insurance enquiries on our site”, suggesting that insurance is more of a concern for those with canine companions. In fact, new statistics released by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), suggests that only 1 in 7 cat owners are thought to have insurance for their moggy.

It is thought that just 3.9 million dogs and cats are currently covered by insurance, leaving 13 million four-legged friends without cover. And whilst 1 in 4 of the 9 million dog owners in the UK seek out pet insurance, just 1 in 7 of the 7.9 million cat owners do the same. Does that mean dog lovers care more about their pooch? Or are you equally affectionate about your feline friend? 

Team paw

According to our data, those looking to insure pedigrees account for 66.7% of all dog insurance enquires. Whilst the average cost of insuring a pedigree is currently just £48.92 per year, this varies wildly depending on what breed you’ve brought home. In the last 6 months, the most expensive breed quoted for onsite (by some margin) is the Cane Corso, who costs on average a breath-taking £770 a year to insure! Other breeds that will set you back a pretty penny include the Northern Inuit which is £173.66 on average to insure and the Shar Pei which could cost £163.52 to cover.

Most expensive pedigree dog breeds
Most expensive pedigree cat breeds

Team claw

In comparison, just 11.4% of all cat enquiries are for those who would like to insure pedigrees. Instead, cross-breeds make up the majority of all cat quotes conducted onsite. Insurance doesn’t differ much between the two categories though; whilst the average price of annual pet insurance for pedigrees is £41.51, it’s only marginally cheaper to insure a cross-breed at £39.62. Some of the most expensive pedigrees to insure include the Norwegian Forest Cat which costs on average £49.65 to insure, followed by the Burmese which costs £48.91 and the Sphynx which comes in at £48.82.

A nation of pet lovers

So where in the UK are all the pet lovers residing? Well, it would seem pets are most popular in the South East as 18.6% of cat queries and 15.4% of dog queries come from that region. Equally keen are those in East Anglia and the North West who take the second and third spot for both cat and dog queries.

And it would seem the city dwellers of Greater London are far more likely to own cats, with 9% of cat quotes being generated by those in that area. In comparison, those in the capital are the least likely region to own dogs, accounting for less than 4.4% of dog insurance queries.

The roles are reversed for those living up in the Highlands, as Scotland accounts for 9.1% of dog quotes but just 7.2% of cat quotes, suggesting dogs may be the preferred choice of pets for those with a little more countryside to explore.

A nation of pet lovers

What’s in a name?

As any new pet owner will know, there’s a lot of pressure in picking a name. Whilst some of you are happy to get caught trying to coax Bombastic Betty out of a tree or bellow “Here Snugglepuff” across a playing field (and yes these are genuinely names people have quoted for onsite), most of us are happy with a name that’s relatively easy to roll of that tongue.

The most popular dog name, as quoted for on our site, is Alfie. Followed by Bella, Poppy, Charlie and Lola. Interestingly, Bella, Poppy and Charlie also feature in the top 10 popular cat names. But the favourite feline forename is Fred, which accounts for 5.67% of all cat quotes conducted in the last 6 months!

Common cats and dogs names

Are you insured?

According to the latest ABI data, there are thought to be 16.9 million cats and dogs living in the UK, but with only 3.9 million of them covered by insurance are we taking a risk when it comes to protecting our pets?

Well, in 2015 there was over £657 million paid out in pet insurance claims. Given that 1 in 4 dog owners are thought to have insurance, it’s unsurprising that the majority of claims against pet insurance was to pay for care for our pooches. In the last year alone, 686,000 dog insurance claims were made, costing the insurance industry a whopping £501 million.

In contrast, in 2015 alone, there were just 193,000 claims made for cats at a total cost of £105 million to the insurance industry. That means the average claim against cat insurance last year came in at £544. But in the last 6 months, cat insurance quotes accounted for just 20.6% of all pet quotes conducted on our site, despite the fact that cats represent 46.7% of all our furry friends. (You can read more about this here.)

Vet bills are never cheap but it would seem that many of us are leaving it to chance when it comes to our pets. Yet with claims on the rise, and with new legislation coming into effect, it seems as important as ever to think about insurance and make sure you’re covered if anything were to happen to your four-legged friend. You can cover your cat from as little as £4.09 and your dog with just £6.89 so compare pet insurance today and make sure that you and your companioned have all the protection you need. 

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