Is pet pampering now included in pet insurance?

Latest research from Defaqto, the financial information business, has found that 96% of pet insurance policies now include alternative therapies, like acupuncture and hydrotherapy, as standard. Although rising vet bills tend to be the main contributor to increased premium costs, it seems these expensive treatments have started to have an impact on prices over the past year too.

More choice

Defaqto found that the number of pet insurance products on the market has risen by 28%, with those offering alternative therapies increasing by 32% since January 2014. The average pay out for these treatments has also increased, from £1,636 per year in 2014 to £1,722 in 2016 according to new research.

While this offers you more choice when it comes to protecting your pets, it’s also got its downside. To offset the increased costs of these new therapies, the ABI has found that insurance providers have increased the price of their policies by 9% over the past year so you may be feeling the pinch.

Is pet pampering now included in pet insurance?

Can I avoid alternative therapies?

If you’re not interested in your pet having access to these alternative therapies, you may think you can just choose a policy that doesn’t include them to save money.

However, Defaqto found that 96% of the 370 products on the market include alternative therapies, with 95% offering hydrotherapy and 94% including chiropractic procedures so it can be tricky to avoid.

But many of you are happy that these treatment are so readily available as they can really help your pets. For example, your pooch could be covered for physio if he’s broken a leg, or your moggy could get chiropractic help for her back problems. Defaqto revealed that the top three alternative therapies for British cats and dogs are acupuncture, homeopathy and herbal medicine.

Getting the right policy

The ABI found that the number of pet insurance claims also increased by 9% over the last year, which could also be a factor in increasing prices so it’s important to shop around. It really could pay off to compare pet insurance to make sure you’re getting the right cover at the right price for you.

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