Popular puppies

Popular puppies

The most popular dog breed and puppy searches in every country

In these uncertain times, it seems that thousands of us are turning to the web for pictures of dogs and puppies to put a smile on our faces. But which are our favourites, and how does this vary around the world? We’ve turned to Google search data to find out.

The world’s favourite puppies

When it comes to the world’s all-time favourite puppy, it’s a close call between two popular breeds with Golden Retrievers edging out German Shepherds by 96,000 searches. The UK is the only country where the Cockapoo (that’s a Cocker spaniel/poodle cross) is the nation’s favourite puppy, with 276,000 annual searches.

Rank Puppy Number of countries where most-searched Global annual search volume
1 Golden Retriever puppies 23 1,476,000
2 German Shepherd puppies 17 1,380,000
3 Husky puppies 14 840,000
4 Corgi puppies 5 816,000
5 Rottweiler puppies 10 780,000

Every country’s favourite puppy - mapped

The world’s favourite dog breeds (when they grow up!)

While the Rottweiler is the favourite in more countries than any other dog, when we tally up all searches worldwide, it’s once again the faithful Golden Retriever that proves to be the world’s favourite dog. In third place is the Border Collie, followed by the Beagle and Labrador, which, despite being favourites in only two countries, were both searched over ten million times each in the last year.

Rank Breed Number of countries where most-searched Global annual search volume
1 Golden Retriever 22 16,800,000
2 Rottweiler 32 15,600,000
3 Border Collie 11 14,400,000
4 Beagle 2 13,200,000
5 Labrador 2 12,000,000

Every country’s favourite dog breed - mapped


All data relates to average annual searches made on Google in the last twelve months.

Please note, if you are considering adopting a dog or puppy, remember that it’s a very big decision and comes with a lot of responsibility, both in terms of time and finances, so make sure you’ve properly considered the implications before doing so!