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Do I have to use specific vets for my pet insurance?

When it comes to pet insurance , usually, your insurance provider will allow you to use any veterinary surgeon to treat your pet, provided they are a current and fully qualified member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS). However some newer insurance providers are insisting on policy holders using specific practices, this is relatively uncommon but worth checking.

It’s also worth remembering that if your pet receives treatment outside the UK, then the vet should be a current and fully qualified member of the equivalent organisation in the relevant country.

Which vet should I use?

To assist you in choosing a vet, the British Veterinary Association has published a leaflet entitled ‘How to choose a veterinary practice’. It recommends that you visit the premises of any surgery you are considering before you register your pet, so you can check that it has good quality, clean facilities’ and that its staff are helpful and approachable.

The RCVS has information on its website to help you to choose a vet. The site allows you to search for vets in your local area, and also allows you to find vets that specialise in treating certain animals or certain species, and find vets that have been approved under the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.

Finding vets that specialise in treating your pet, or vets that have been quality accredited under the RCVS scheme, may be much more beneficial than taking your pet to the nearest vet, without asking any questions.

When choosing a vet, also try and ask family and friends for their experiences of local practices and surgeons.

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