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Getting a new puppy can be very exciting. But welcoming a new fluffy companion into your home takes some preparation. Whilst pet insurance might not be your first thought, you’re likely to want the best care for your new pet should they need it. There are four main types of pet insurance so be sure to do your homework before you buy to make sure you have the right level of cover for you and your pooch. 

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Insurance might not be your first thought when your new house guest arrives

Two things about your new puppy

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But most policies have a waiting period of 10-30 days so the sooner you get covered, the better…

most pet insurance policies have a 10 - 30 day waiting period.

If your puppy gets poorly during the waiting period, your policy won’t cover any of the costs. Policies typically have a waiting period of 10-30 days so it’s best to get covered as early as possible to prevent yourself being left out of pocket.

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