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Motorbike insurance

Bike cover without the big bill

  • Protect the thing you love most with motorbike insurance from just £129 per year[1]
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[1] 10% of our customers were quoted less than £128.70 for their bike insurance in March 2024.

It’s time to compare motorbike insurance

There were more than 1.3 million motorcycles on the road in 2017. If yours is one of them, finding affordable, high-quality insurance will be among your top priorities.

Whether you’re buying your first bike or upgrading to your dream machine, if you’ve got questions about comparing motorbike insurance, step this way…

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Frequently asked questions

What information do I need to get an insurance quote for my motorbike?

Before starting your quote, make sure you have details of…

  • the make and model of your motorbike – and the registration number, if you know it
  • the year it was manufactured. (We can compare quotes for any bike manufactured during or after 1970.)
  • any modifications after manufacture
  • the value of your motorcycle and the date you bought it, if applicable
  • how long you’ve had your motorbike licence
  • any claims or convictions
  • any additional riders, including any claims and convictions they may have had
  • any special security devices you carry or have had fitted to your motorbike

Is my motorbike cheap or expensive to insure?

Here’s a quick look at the main types of motorbike and how they tend to measure up in insurance costs.

Moped and scooter
moped or scooter is usually cheap to buy and insure, but premiums will be more expensive if it’s a first bike for someone under 25, as insurance providers consider this a high-risk age group.

Sports bike
These high-performance bikes built with speed in mind can be more expensive to insure than other motorbikes on the market. Make sure you compare insurance quotes to find a deal that suits you.

Increasingly popular with those who like to ride on and off the road, a supermoto bike can be used on your daily commute and on a dirt track for fun. Costs vary, but lighter-weight models with smaller engines are usually cheaper to insure.

Classic bikes can be highly valuable, but they also tend to be well cared for and used sparingly which can take insurance costs down a bit. Whether it’s a 70s vintage model or an 80s Japanese favourite, you can compare cover with us if it was manufactured in 1970 or later.

These bikes tend to cover a lot of distance, and they’re built for it, with lots of comfort and storage but less emphasis on speed. If you’re planning to take your touring bike abroad, your insurance may be more expensive.

If you’re into off-road riding, such as motocross or track racing, then it can be expensive to insure your bike – particularly if it’s modified.

Usually modelled after American bikes like Harley-Davidson, cruisers are large, heavy machines often sporting retro-styling. If you own one and have customised it to your taste, then this can bump up the cost of your premiums.

With a motorcycle that’s been ‘chopped’ or modified from its original design, you might have particular insurance needs because your bike has been custom-made. Use our comparison service to make sure you get the right insurance for you, at a price you can afford.

What levels of motorbike insurance are there?

You can choose from three levels.

  • Third party only 
    This is the minimum required by the law. It covers you for any damage you do to others and their property. However, it won’t cover repairs to your motorbike, any personal medical expenses or theft of your bike.
  • Third party fire and theft
    This offers the same cover as third party with added protection for your bike in case of fire or theft.
  • Comprehensive
    This offers all of the above, and covers injuries to yourself and repairs to your motorbike in the event of an accident.

How can I get cheap motorbike insurance?

There are a couple of ways to reduce the cost of your policy.

Secure your motorbike 
Storing it in a garage or secure lock-up at night could get you cheaper premiums. Fitting an alarm or immobiliser could also help, provided it’s recognised by Thatcham, the security company that works with insurance providers to set rates.

Improve your driving skills
Riders with advanced motorcycle qualifications could be eligible for lower premiums. Get in touch with your insurance provider before you sign up for a course, as they’re not all recognised by insurance providers. Consider qualifications such as:

• BikeSafe Certificate
• Enhanced Rider Scheme
• RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Training
• Enhanced Rider Scheme

What motorbike insurance add-ons are worth considering?

As well as insuring your motorbike, you might want to look into covering yourself and the equipment you use, with options like:

Motor legal protection
If you’re involved in a road accident and need to make a claim, or if a driver makes a claim against you, this could cover all or some of the legal costs.

Helmet and leathers cover
Great if you damage your riding gear because of an accident.

Breakdown cover
Breakdown cover could get you back on the road or taken home safely if anything goes wrong with your bike.

Personal accident cover
If you’re in an accident, this will cover things like loss of limbs, permanent disability and accidental death.

Why compare motorbike insurance with

When you compare with us, it’s quick and easy to see what’s available. Just type in a few details and we’ll give you a list of quotes from different providers, along with the main policy features. If you see one you like, just follow the link to the insurance provider's website to get your deal.

Whether it’s a Harley or a Vespa, we’ve got policies to suit your bike.

Find and compare motorbike insurance