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The NatWest student account is a useful option for undergraduates heading off to university. That’s down the generous overdraft facilities, coach discounts and the bank’s commitment to Apple Pay.


You should know your worth to the banks though, and compare your student account options while you can. As a student, you have the potential to go on to become a high earner and given how many people switch bank accounts in the UK, Banks know you’re likely to stick with them once you graduate and take out more advanced products later on. So it’s in their best interest to compete for your business when you go to university, and it also that means you can choose from a variety of offers.


Make sure you look beyond the initial incentives though, and check the overdraft facilities and the interest you will have to pay even after you graduate. Our price comparison service can help you know your options and find the best account for you.  

What does a NatWest student account offer?

The incentives flow thick and fast with a NatWest student account and one of the main selling points is the free National Express Young Person’s coach card that makes it easier to go home for the weekend at a cut price rate.

The card is valid for four years and it will give you a third off your standard coach fares and the same discount on Hovertravel and Scottish City Link. You also get 10% off journeys to certain music festivals, major sporting events and a number of European cities. So your NatWest Student Account can take you on an adventure, as well as to lectures.*

You get Tastecard membership too, which gives you a two for one deals at a vast array of restaurants.

The overdraft facility is perhaps more important. With NatWest you can apply for a £500 interest-free overdraft in your first term and up to £2,000 from your second term. That might be useful helping you through the tough period between your student loan payments.

You can get a chequebook, a Visa debit card and you can withdraw up to £300 a day. You will be able to use Apple Pay, set up direct debits and enjoy the features you will come to expect from a standard current account.

Who can apply for a NatWest Student Account?

If you are over 17 and enrolled in a full-time course, then you can apply for a NatWest student account. You don’t have to be at university, you can be a trainee nurse, you can go to college or any other full-time higher education should qualify you for a student account.

You will need to be over 18 and a UK resident if you want to apply for the overdraft facilities, which inevitably are subject to approval. You’ll need basic ID, too, and a letter confirming your acceptance to the higher education institution you’re going to attend. 

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Is a NatWest student account right for you?

NatWest have some solid incentives, saving incentives and the overdraft facility is strong, but the offers are changing all the time and you should take a good look at the competition before you sign up. It will be more complicated to switch accounts if you are already overdrawn and you owe it to yourself to get the best deal possible when the banks are competing for your attention.

So if you are heading to university then take advantage of your status and ensure you have done a thorough comparison of all the student account offers. Use our student account price comparison service and make sure you understand the features and ensure you are happy with the bank that you are going to rely on while you study.

All NatWest student account details are based on information provided on natwest.com data on 21 April 2016

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