Lent is like a second chance at those New Year Resolutions that you didn’t quite keep (or didn’t feel in the mood for in the first place) and reflections after Christmas. It’s the perfect opportunity to ditch things that you don’t really need and you could save yourself some money in the process – it’s a win-win, so here are some ideas:

  • Dump the gym – membership can be expensive and let’s be honest, how many times have you actually been since you made the vow to ‘get fit’? We’re not saying you should embrace couch potato-ism, but use it as an opportunity to get back to nature now that spring is on the horizon. Running and walking in the great outdoors will keep you just as trim – and it’s free.
  • Give up spontaneous food shops – shopping without a list is lethal and it’s all too easy to pick up tempting treats that your waistline really doesn’t need. Plus, you usually end up duplicating stuff you already have, meaning something goes to waste. We know it’s what your mother used to do – but planning your meals in advance means you save time, money and nothing goes to waste (she was right all along).
  • Say no to chocolate and sweets – if you’ve got a sweet tooth, your sugar habit could be costing you a small fortune. So give it up, and those Easter treats will taste even more delicious (you might even shed some pounds as you save them!)
  • Stay away from fancy coffees – we know they taste good and it makes the commute to work just a little brighter, but cutting back on your caffeine could save you £90 over Lent’s 40 days.
  • Quit smoking – the ultimate sacrifice for hardened addicts but with the average pack of 20 cigs costing nearly ten whole pounds (£9.40), you’ll save a fortune and your lungs and loved ones will thank you for it.
  • Don’t shop till you drop – we all love a bargain but a few quid here and there soon add up and do you really need more clothes, shoes, handbags (ok – silly question) but seriously, it’ll only be for 40 days and then you think of what your savings can go towards.
  • It really is the thought that counts – rather than buying pricey presents, get crafty and try making them instead. A slightly wonky homemade cake or flowers from your garden really do mean more than something you’ve just grabbed at the shops (unless you’ve got really picky friends – but that’s another story).
  • Stop dithering – you know how you always say you need to look for a better deal on your broadband or energy and your car, home and pet insurance? Well, Lent is the perfect opportunity to stop procrastinating and do something about it. For example, half of our customers could save up to £282** by comparing the market for better deals on their car insurance – why not see if you could do the same? Read our top tip to help students save money.

So, you see, Lent doesn’t have to be about giving up and missing out – it’s about reflecting on what you really need. Plus, being pro-active about it could save you money and it’ll make you feel good as well – bonus!


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