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At the Simples Lab, we spend our time understanding how the nation approaches their household finances and thinking about how we can help make life easier.

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping life simple, our experts develop new and creative solutions to make managing your money easier. They are focused on automation: observing and questioning how the industry works - and how we can help it work better.

Here, you’ll find articles on how the world of automation is progressing - and how it can help to make some of the most common financial tasks much simpler. You can also read about our new automated tools, designed to help find the best possible deal for you, in the easiest possible way.

We’ll update this page as our experts learn more about how automation will change how we manage our money. Keep checking back to see how we can help make life admin simples.

Life More Automated Report

While modern automation has been around for over a century, the Internet of Things has led to exponential growth in home automation. Now, many of us own connected devices, from smart speakers to Bluetooth-enabled toothbrushes. Over the coming decades, we will see the return of domestic help in the form of robots, AI-powered butlers and multiple miniature in-home drones. Eventually, smart devices will result in smarter homes.

Energy and the elderly

Fuel poverty amongst the elderly is sadly on the rise, with many choosing to switch off their heating to save money, not knowing what the alternative options are, like switching provider.

The Simples Lab is dedicated to arming the nation with the facts to take control of their energy bills.

Getting smart with your energy

Price hikes on energy tariffs are coming thick and fast.15 million UK households will automatically be moved onto a more expensive energy tariff if we don’t take action when our fixed tariff ends.

The Simples Lab wants to equip you with the knowledge to take charge of your energy bills.

Get behind the wheel and save on your car insurance

Automation is changing the car industry - but perhaps not in the way you think.

From Batman to Minority Report, self-driving cars have been a mainstay of action films for decades. However while many of us dream of a driverless car - catching up on sleep on the way to office or logging onto Netflix on a long motorway journey - this scenario is still years away.

The cost of inertia

While shopping around for the best deals on energy tariffs and home and car insurance remains one of the most effective ways that you can save money and combat rising household costs, many of us fail to do so.