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Get behind the wheel and save on your car insurance

Get behind the wheel and save on your car insurance

Millions of us motorists are overpaying on our car insurance by simply forgetting to switch provider every year. According to Simples Lab research, over six million** people nationwide admit that changing car insurance providers when their policy comes to an end simply slips their minds. The annual cost in lost savings for those of us don’t switch is a whopping £675 million every year***.

New AutoSergei functionality from the Simples Lab automatically checks for new deals for us as a response to the fact that millions of us drivers end up auto-renewing our insurance provider every year. The difference between the cheapest and average premium currently stands at £110, suggesting that collectively those of us who forget to switch are potentially overpaying by over half a billion pounds.

The figure is even greater for those of us aged between 17-24, who told us that they often forget to switch insurers, who pay disproportionately higher premiums as they are considered higher risk. The average annual motor insurance cost for this age group is £1,220. By remembering to switch, younger drivers can save an average of £226.

Research from the Simples Lab shows that the best time to switch car insurance is 24 days before a policy expires, saving us £460 on average compared to switching on the day our policy ends. To help combat the time required to switch providers, the Simples Labs automated car insurance service searches for better renewal prices for customers before their policy comes to an end, helping them save time and money.

Through the service, you can review information before being provided with quotes and the choice to switch to an alternative, and potentially cheaper car insurance provider, handy hey!? To sign up to the service, you simply need to complete a quote and AutoSergei will send you an annual alert with the estimated renewal price available 28 days before their policy expires.

**38.4 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain: (DFT Vehicle Licensing Statistics – Jan – March 2019) 16% = 6,144,000

***The difference between the cheapest and average motor insurance premiums currently stands at £110 according to the latest comparethemarket Premium Drivers Index.
£110 x 6,144,000 = £675 million

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