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Get behind the wheel and save on your car insurance

Get behind the wheel and save on your car insurance

Automation is changing the car industry - but perhaps not in the way you think.

From Batman to Minority Report, self-driving cars have been a mainstay of action films for decades. However while many of us dream of a driverless car - catching up on sleep on the way to office or logging onto Netflix on a long motorway journey - this scenario is still years away.

Driverless cars

In fact, experts predict that it will be another decade before driverless cars are ready to buy - and even then, they’ll make up just 10% of cars on the road**. Yes, you’re likely to be behind the wheel for a while. But automation can still improve life - you just don’t know it yet.

Even now, automation is making driving a lot easier. Remember holidays spent grappling with a flapping paper map as you headed the wrong way down a French motorway? Thankfully, it’s just a distant memory thanks to your SatNav - saviour of road trips and marriages everywhere. Meanwhile, cars have been made by automated robots since the 1970s.

Automated savings

And when it comes to car insurance, automation is, once again, changing the game. With six million people nationwide admitting that they simply forget to look into changing car insurance providers when their policy comes to an end, we are overpaying by a collective £675 million every year.

Our automated service automatically checks for new deals before you need to renew, saving people an average of £110 every year. This saving is even bigger for drivers aged between 17-24, who told us that they often forget to switch insurers, and who pay disproportionately higher premiums as they are considered higher risk. The average annual insurance cost for this age group is £1,264 but by remembering to switch, younger drivers can save £235 on average.

Timing is everything

Timing is crucial however - research from the Compare the Market’s Simples Lab shows that the best time to switch car insurance is 24 days before a policy expires. This means saving an average £460 compared to switching on the day your policy ends. It all sounds like a lot more life admin until you remember that AutoSergei’s taking care of everything: the automated service searches car insurance policies to get better renewal prices for customers before their policy comes to an end, helping them save time and money.

You just sit back and review your information before choosing a quote to switch to an alternative, and potentially cheaper, car insurance provider. AutoSergei will then send you an annual alert with the estimated renewal price available 28 days before your policy expires. It couldn’t be simpler. You might not be catching some zzzzs while winging your way down the A3 just yet but renewing your car insurance just got much easier.

**JD Power https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/29/experts-say-its-at-least-a-decade-before-you-can-buy-a-self-driving-car.html

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