Simples Lab Influencer Challenge

Here at the Simples Lab, we're dedicated to making our customers lives Simples. That's why we've teamed up with social media influencer, Charlotte Louise Taylor and Lucy Wood, and set them the challenge of tackling their financial to-do list in the Simples Lab 60 Minute Challenge.

Using the latest tools and tips from our innovation hub, Charlotte and Lucy have been tasked with beating the clock, to tick off her tricky life admin jobs in just an hour. From checking they’re signed up to receive the latest energy deals with EnergyCheck to tackling credit ratings with our Credit Card EligibilityCheck, Charlotte and Lucy will show you how to make the most of the Simples Lab's tips and tools.

We hope to show that you're not alone when it comes to fearing financial tasks, and that finding solutions and good deals doesn't have to be time consuming either. Check out their video’s below to see how much they’ve saved with the Simples Lab 60 Minute Challenge.

Why not try applying some of her personal life hacks to help you tackle your own to-do list, take the 60 minute challenge today!

Lucy Wood

Charlotte Louise Taylor

The cost of inertia

Shopping around for the best deal on your energy tariff, home or motor insurance remains one of the most effective ways that you can save money and combat rising household costs! However many of us are still failing to seek out a better deal and make valuable savings on household finances.

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Getting smart with your energy

It's time to get on top of your energy bills, and discover whether you've got a good deal! The Simples Lab is keen to equip you with all the facts for saving money on your energy bills and debunk the myths around the different types of tariffs on the market.

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Energy and the elderly

With fuel poverty rising among the elderly. Colder weather and rising bills could mean OAPs are avoiding using their heating all together, so the Simples Lab is stepping in with a mission to help you, to help them, get a handle on their bills.

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Get behind the wheel and save on your car insurance

Millions of us motorists are overpaying on our car insurance by simply forgetting to switch provider every year. New  AutoSergei  functionality from the Simples Lab automatically checks for new deals, making sure that you’re not missing out!

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