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Compare travel insurance for Brazil

Whether you're looking forward to a Brazilian holiday by the beach, in the jungle or partying the night away at Carnival, you'll want to enjoy it knowing you're covered in case of any mishaps.

We'll help you compare travel insurance for Brazil from across the market to get you the right cover for your South American adventure.

Whether you're looking forward to a Brazilian holiday by the beach, in the jungle or partying the night away at Carnival, you'll want to enjoy it knowing you're covered in case of any mishaps.

We'll help you compare travel insurance for Brazil from across the market to get you the right cover for your South American adventure.

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Do I need travel insurance for Brazil?

Travel insurance for Brazil is not compulsory but it can protect you from theft, medical emergencies, cancellations and delays – it can also cover against possible health risks in Brazil.

Brazil enjoys spectacles like the Amazon, the Pantanal, and Iguazu Falls, as well having stunning national parks and incredible biodiversity. But such exotic wildlife and scenery does come with its own set of tropical diseases.

Malaria or Dengue fever are known in some areas, but the Zika virus is also a risk for those planning on becoming pregnant or are pregnant already, due to the increased risk of birth defects.

It's unlikely you'll be affected, but it's worth taking a few precautions if you're spending more than a few days in high-risk areas:

  • Consult with your doctor for any advice before heading off
  • Make sure your vaccinations are up to date
  • When there, wear protective clothing
  • Consider anti-malaria medication
  • Use anti-mosquito spray to decrease your chances of getting bitten.

Customers with pre-existing medical conditions

If you have a serious health condition, your travel insurance is likely to be more expensive. Whatever happens, don’t lie to an insurance provider, because this could mean your claim is rejected. When you declare any medical conditions on our website, we’ll only show you quotes from insurance providers who will cover them, with no exclusions.

If your condition is more serious, MoneyHelper has a directory of insurance providers who may be able to provide quotes over the phone. You can call them on 0800 138 7777.

How much is travel insurance for Brazil?

The cost of travel insurance to Brazil will depend on how long you’re going for, what activities you have planned for your trip, any pre-existing medical conditions, and the level of cover you want. 
To compare travel insurance quotes with us, we need to know:

  • Which countries you’re planning on visiting during your trip 
  • How long you’re planning on staying
  • If you want to insure your partner or family too 
  • How much excess you want to pay if you need to make claim
  • How much cancellation cover you need
  • How much cover you would like for your baggage 
  • How much medical cover you need 
  • Any pre-existing medical conditions.

What will travel insurance cover for Brazil?

A travel insurance policy for Brazil will typically include:

  • Medical care – this will offer you protection if you were to fall ill or have an accident.
  • Flight cancellations and missed connections – your travel insurance could protect you against the extra costs that these events incur. Cover for a missed connection isn't included in all policies, so if you want to be covered for this, make sure you check the policy T&Cs.
  • Damage, loss or theft of your luggage – your travel insurance should cover you for replacing clothes, medicine and toiletries if your luggage is damaged, lost or stolen. Remember to take note of any excesses that apply on your policy, as well as the overall possessions and single-item limit – the maximum your insurance provider will pay out for one item.
  • Extreme sports travel insurance – if you're looking to take part in adventurous activities on your trip to Brazil, make sure you're covered.
  • Covid-19  – this can cover cancellation, medical expenses, repatriation and extended stays as a result of covid. Get a travel insurance quote with us and you can compare the levels of covid cover available. Just look for the ‘more details’ option on the quote results page.

What should my travel insurance to Brazil include?

Although foreign visitors are entitled to free emergency medical care in public hospitals in Brazil, overcrowding and long waits are common. To get the best possible care, make sure your travel insurance includes an adequate level of medical cover. Private hospitals in Brazil will not normally accept patients unless you can prove you either have travel insurance or sufficient funds to cover the treatment.

Pickpocketing is common around public beaches and tourist areas in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, especially during busy times like Carnival. As well as taking steps to making sure your passport, money and valuables are stored safely, it’s a good idea to buy travel insurance that insures you against the loss or theft of your personal possessions. If you’re travelling with an expensive item, like a top-of-the-range camera, check the policy wording carefully to make sure it is covered by the single item limit.

What is excluded from Brazil travel insurance?

Before you buy travel insurance for Brazil, watch out for these common exclusions:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions: You’ll need to declare any medical conditions to your travel insurance provider to make sure you’re covered for any treatment you need while you’re abroad. In some cases, you may need to pay extra to cover a certain condition or look for specialist travel insurance.
  • Preventable diseases: Yellow fever and malaria are present in Brazil so speak to your doctor about getting any necessary immunisations for travel to Brazil and buy anti-malaria medication to take with you if you’re travelling to a malaria zone. Unvaccinated travellers who fall ill to a vaccine preventable disease may not be covered by their travel insurance.
  • Natural disasters: During Brazil’s rainy season, flash floods and landslides are not uncommon, especially in poorer, more rural areas. Travel insurance typically won’t cover natural disasters, so think carefully about going to a high-risk area during the monsoon season. Check the typical weather pattern for the region you’re travelling to, as the rainy season occurs at different times in the north and south of the country. 
  • Adventure sports: If your dream holiday to Brazil involves higher risk sports such as surfing, trekking in the jungle, climbing or hang gliding, you should check your policy carefully to make sure you’ll be covered in the event of an accident. Many travel insurance policies don’t cover extreme sports as standard, but they can usually be added on as an extra. 
  • Volunteering: If you’re planning on volunteering while you’re in Brazil, you may need specific travel insurance. Backpacker insurance may cover certain types of paid or unpaid work, but you should check any policy carefully before you buy. Find out more about travel insurance for volunteering abroad.

Do I need a visa to holiday in Brazil?

You can travel to Brazil without a visa as a tourist for up to 90 days. If you wish to extend your tourist visa, you should contact the Policia Federal. You'll also need a valid passport that has six months or more before expiration, as well as a return ticket. (Although no one would blame you for not wanting to leave.)

Make sure your passport is stamped or you may be fined upon departure.

Any other tips for trips to Brazil?

Here are a few more travel facts about Brazil to help you enjoy your trip.

  • Tipping: The standard tip for waiters in restaurants is 10% and is often included in the bill. In bars and nightclubs, 10% may be added to your bill
  • Crime: There are several tourist-related scams in the main cities, from pickpocketing to robberies. Do your research before you leave and consider protecting yourself with travel insurance
  • Money: Brazil's national currency is the 'real'. Watch out for how they use commas and full stops when expressing numbers, (it's basically the opposite of how we write it in the UK)
  • Weather: There's a rainy season that runs from November to March in the south and southeast of the country, and from April to July in the northeast. And its no light shower – in rural areas the rain can trigger landslides and disrupt infrastructure
  • Water: Don’t drink from the tap. Stick to bottled water to protect yourself from some unpleasant illnesses while you’re travelling. Also be wary of salads that may have been washed with tap water, or fruit juices that may have been watered down. 

Where can I compare travel insurance quotes for Brazil?

To find travel insurance for Brazil, get a quote with us in minutes.

Brazil is a popular destination with good reason. It’s arguably the best party location in the world and boasts some of the most jaw-dropping natural beauty you’re ever likely to see. Once you have your insurance policy, you’ll be able to enjoy all Brazil can offer.

Frequently asked questions

Are there currently any restrictions on travel to Brazil due to the Coronavirus pandemic?

There aren’t any current restrictions on flying into Brazil from the UK but there are entry requirements in place to try and limit the spread of Covid-19. You can check the latest requirements on the FCDO website. Make sure you keep checking for updates before you go, as we’ve seen from the pandemic how quickly things can change.

Will my insurance cover cancellation due to Covid-19?

It depends on your policy. More travel insurance providers are now offering cover for cancellation and disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but you’ll need to read the policy details to see what exactly is covered. Read our guide to travel insurance and coronavirus.

Is travel insurance required for travel to Brazil?

No, travel insurance is not required for entry into Brazil, but it’s wise to consider travel insurance to make sure you’re covered for medical treatment and loss or theft of luggage and personal possessions while you’re there. And given the cost of booking a holiday to Brazil, and the unpredictability of international travel in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, it may be in your best interests to look for a travel insurance policy that covers cancellation and disruption related to the pandemic.

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