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Oh Canada: They may be the first words to Canada’s national anthem, but they’re also the first words you’ll use as you reminisce on your trip there.

Canada has a climate that can range from scorching heat in summer to sub-zero temperatures in the winter and with their winter comes snow; there are even some records of 30 inches of snowfall in one day – that’s three Meerkats deep!

So if you’re thinking of visiting this vast and beautiful country, it’s important to find the right travel insurance for Canada specifically.


Before going to Canada, what should I pack?

Firstly, make sure you have enough bag space for maple syrup. Once that’s done, think about which locations you’ll be visiting. Due to Canada’s tremendous size, different provinces have different climates. In Ontario for example, the summer average temperature can reach around 26° but further north, in the province of Nunavut, the average summer temperature peaks around 10°.

If you find yourself visiting a warmer destination, summer clothing and insect repellent are suggested, since Canadian mosquitos do enjoy dining on British bodies. But, if you decide to visit a colder area, or during a winter month, then you won’t need repellent, just lots of warm clothing to avoid exposure to below zero temperatures.

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What does Canada travel insurance cover?

Because of the almost endless choice of adrenaline-fuelled activities that Canada has to offer, a well-rounded insurance policy is a must. First and foremost, travel insurance to Canada covers your trip out there, which means if anything were to happen, you won’t need to pay your way home. 

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What should I consider before travelling to Canada?

Before anything else, do you have the right money? Canadian currency is called Canadian dollars and while you’re out there it will be referred to plainly as dollars – but don’t get this confused with American dollars. Also, the notes are waterproof, so if you decide to cannonball into a lake with your wallet in your pocket, your money will be salvageable.

If you’re a British citizen travelling to Canada, you’ll be required to apply online for something called an Electronic Travel Authorization. The ETA exists to screen all travellers before they arrive; it lasts for five years or until your passport expires and costs $7 to process. If you haven’t done it yet, you can do so here. But don’t panic if you haven’t – until autumn 2016 you will still be able to enter the country providing you have the correct travel documents.

The last thing you should probably be wary of is the language. Although the majority of Canadians speak English, Quebec and a few other areas speak French as a first language. But the majority of people you encounter will be bilingual.

So where can I get cheap travel insurance to Canada?

Canada has so much to offer that finding the right insurance that covers everything you want can be tough. Luckily, we have a wide variety of insurers that specialise in all kinds of travel insurance for all kinds of places. Canada is a country that offers something for everyone and we offer insurance for anybody who needs it. So, if you’re looking for cheap travel insurance to Canada that will cover you for all you need.