Compare travel insurance for trips to Tenerife and the Canary Islands

We’ll start by addressing a very common question; are the Canary Islands in Europe? Well, yes in fact they are.


Even though the Canary Islands are much closer to the southern edge of Morocco in Africa than they are to Europe, they are a part of Spain and as such, part of the EU.


This means if you’re looking for Canary Islands Travel Insurance cover, you need European cover.

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Some facts about the Canary Islands

How many Canary Islands can you name? Three, four, five? There are in fact seven main islands, as well as a series of smaller islands and islets. In fact, the Canary Islands are categorised as an archipelago; a collection or cluster of islands. Tenerife is the largest, and perhaps the most well-known, followed by Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro.

Though they may be part of the same group of islands, their landscapes are very different, as the weather can vary greatly from island to island. The lesser known islands in the West - El Hierro, La Palma and La Gomera - catch the often wet Gulf Stream and as a consequence are usually mild and green (probably why they’re not particularly popular as holiday destinations). As you move east towards Africa though, the islands no longer catch the Gulf Stream and are more like semi-hot deserts.

All this means that a trip to the Canary Islands can be one of magical contrasts. Of course, there are the famous beaches and hours of sunshine, but there are also volcanos, dramatic mountains, quaint villages and stunning cave systems. Plenty to enjoy.

Whatever your reason for heading to the Canary Islands, good travel insurance is a must.

Travel insurance for the Canary Islands

No-one wants to think about something going wrong on their holidays. Whether you’re just planning on taking some good books and chilling out, or you plan to hike a volcano, holidays are about creating great memories.

Fortunately, that’s exactly how most holidays turn out. That said, it’s a fact that sometimes things do go wrong. A holiday is easily ruined by missing suitcases or someone in the family becoming ill. In the event that something like this were to happen, you’d be very glad that you had good travel insurance in place.

  • Medical cover is a must in any travel insurance policy. This type of cover may protect you should you or your family need access to health care while you’re holidaying in the Canaries. The policy might also include repatriation back to the UK should you be too ill to depart when your ticket says you should.
  • Even if you’ve a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which entitles you to state medical care, you shouldn’t think of it as a substitute for a good travel insurance policy.
  • Remember too, if you’ve got any pre-existing medical conditions, you must tell your insurance provider. If you don’t you might invalidate your cover.
  • Your Canary Islands travel insurance may also cover your possessions. Given the number of things we take with us on holiday, it’s comforting to know that our phone, tablet, camera or suitcase of clothes may be covered if they’re lost, stolen or damaged. Do read the policy details to check on limits, including those for single items – you need to make sure they are sufficient for your personal items.
  • Your travel insurance may also provide cancellation cover. If, for example, you were unable to make the trip due to illness or jury service, your insurance policy could ensure you don’t end up completely out of pocket. Check the level of cover is sufficient to cover the cost of your trip and be aware of any excess that applies per person.
  • Always check the policy information that accompanies any travel insurance quote. Though travel insurance policies will cover the same sort of things, they can do so quite differently. Excesses, limits and exclusions can all vary so make sure you’ve the cover that you need.

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