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Travel insurance for children

Travel insurance for children

When it comes to children (under 18s) and travel, it’s important to make sure the youngest members of your family have all the cover they need for a safe and comfortable trip. Let us help you find travel insurance for the children in your family.

Patrick Ikhena
From the Travel team
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posted 24 OCTOBER 2019

What types of travel insurance are available for children?

There are many types of travel insurance policies to consider, from family insurance packages to travel insurance for  children travelling alone. It’s important to understand the different types of insurance so that you can pick the right package for your children.

But don’t worry, we’re here to make the whole thing as easy as possible to organise.


As of 23rd Match 2020, the UK Government announced a series of restrictions to travel, public spaces and gatherings. For a minimum of three weeks, people are being instructed to stay at home whenever possible. For this reason, travel insurance policies purchased from this date, for trips within the UK with a start date before 13th April 2020, will not be valid.
The UK Government also instructed all British tourists and travellers, that are currently abroad, to return to the UK as soon as possible.
As of 17th March 2020, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) have advised against all non-essential travel abroad for an initial period of 30 days. This means that any travel insurance purchased from this date, for trips outside of the UK with a start date before 16th April 2020, will not be covered by the provider.
Coronavirus was declared a pandemic on 11th March 2020, so this may also affect your policy, particularly those taken out on or after that date. Please check any existing policies carefully, to find out what you’re covered for.
For more information please see our travel insurance and coronavirus pages.

Why do I need children’s travel insurance?

Travel insurance for children is there to protect the under 18s against any emergency that may happen while they’re abroad. Just like adult travel insurance, policies for children give you peace of mind that you’ve got the cover you need on holiday.

Taking out travel insurance for your kids means that if anything were to happen, your travel insurance provider would take care of the bill and be on hand to give you advice and support. 

For example, if your child needed to be treated in a hospital for a stomach bug or infection, the policy could cover any follow-up treatment, plus return flights and so on. This could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds without travel insurance for your child.

Here are a few reasons why your child may need their own travel insurance:

  • if they're visiting family, friends or relativeswhen they are studying abroad
  • if they're going on a gap year or backpacking
  • or if they're working overseas

Does my child need travel insurance when travelling with me?

Travel insurance is needed for children, regardless of whether or not they’re with their parents. If your child is travelling – especially to another country – you’ll want to make sure that if anything untoward happens, there’s insurance in place to help with any costs.

If your child is travelling with you, you can take out:

Family holiday insurance, which could cover one or two adults plus at least one child (maximum 8).

Single-parent cover – much like family cover but covers one adult.

Couple and child policies – which cover you and a partner, plus one child. This is often a cheaper option.

What does child travel insurance cover?

Your child’s travel insurance could include cover for:

  • lost luggage
  • personal accidents and repatriation
  • medical treatment
  • theft
  • loss of valuables

If they’re off on an adventure holiday with school, then it’s important to make sure they’re covered for certain activities, like extreme sports or winter sports.

Is your child travelling within Europe? If so, ensure they have a free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

Do babies need travel insurance?

Travel insurance for a baby is effectively the same as children’s travel insurance. You’ll need to ensure a policy has enough cover to protect your little one(s) against the cost of illness, injury and repatriation, if needed. If you’re taking your baby on holiday, you’ll want to make sure any accessories, such as buggies or cots, are insured as well.

Some insurance providers offer free cover for children as part of a family policy. Always read the terms of your policy so you know exactly what your insurance covers.

How do I get children’s travel insurance?

We can take the hassle out of searching for travel insurance for children. Simply use our  comparison service, tell us what you need and we’ll compare hundreds of travel insurance providers for you, so you can find the perfect cover for your child.

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