Compare travel insurance for trips to Argentina

Jetting off to Argentina is exciting. There’s so much to do and see – you might need a week off just to plan your trip.

Before heading off to the thrills of South America though, it’s important to also remember to get your travel insurance sorted before you go. That way you can enjoy all the thrills while still having the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got the right cover in place.

Considerations when travelling to Argentina

Argentina is a magical place with something that will satisfy anyone with a little adventurous spirit in their bones. From breathtaking landscapes to cool cities that ooze charm and sophistication, Argentina has it all.

If you plan on travelling around, remember the distances are huge. Argentina is the world’s eighth largest country so you’ll need to plan your journey carefully. The good news is that UK citizens don’t need a visa for tourist trips to Argentina provided you’re not staying for more than 90 days, so you’re good to go.

Travel in Argentina doesn’t usually raise any major health worries either though it’s a good precaution to make sure you’re up to date with your jabs. Tap water is generally safe to drink, although many travellers prefer to stick with the bottled variety just in case, particularly outside the major cities.

If you are travelling into the mountains you should beware of altitude sickness. Take time to acclimatise before setting out on any adventurous climbs and take it easy, particularly at first.

You might not be heading to Argentina for a holiday in the sun, but beware it can get seriously hot in some regions. In La Rioja province for example, summer temperatures can exceed 40 degrees, so serious sun screen and a hat are recommended.

Currency wise, Argentina uses the peso and it’s worth bearing in mind a few things. Firstly, it’s virtually impossible to change pesos back into dollars inside Argentina, let alone outside, so change into pesos only the amounts you need. In that way you’ll not be left with unwanted local currency at the end of your stay. Try and avoid large denomination bills. Paying for small items with large notes won’t win you friends. Don’t be surprised too if you don’t get exact change, local coins are relatively rare in circulation.

Finally, remember Spanish dominates, particularly in remote areas. However, in the cities and tourist areas, English is more widely spoken as a second language.

Argentina and travel insurance

If you’re travelling to any part of South America including Argentina, you should look to make sure that you have good travel insurance in place. While accidents and incidents are fortunately rare, they can happen. If they happen to you, you’ll be very glad you have cover in place.

The right policy could offer you protection if you were to fall ill and need expensive medical care. While Argentina has a good state run health system with free emergency cover, delays often happen, so having good cover is a must.

If you are travelling around, there’s always the chance of bus or flight cancellations – delays which could impact upon the next stage of your journey. Additionally, items can get lost or stolen in any part of the world, Argentina is no exception.

Your travel insurance could also cover you for personal liability in the event that your actions caused injury to others which, a long way from home, could be very valuable cover to have in place.

If you’re embarking on any adventurous activities, make sure you specifically check that you are covered. Standard travel policies may exclude horse riding, climbing, rafting or any other form of adventurous activity. If these sort of activities are an important part of your trip, insurance is easy to find. Just make sure you read the policy information closely before buying, rather than buying whichever policy looks cheapest.

Travel insurance is a very competitive market so it is always worthwhile shopping around. Whether you want a single trip covered or are buying travel insurance to cover you and your family for a year, we can help keep things simple. Simply choose ‘worldwide’ cover or enter Argentina in the search box and we’ll present back to you the policies for you.

Compare travel insurance costs today with and enjoy the perfect trip to Argentina complete with peace of mind.

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