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Compare travel insurance - Italy

Exploring Italy is great fun, and even better if you have the peace of mind that comes with having good travel insurance in place.

Patrick Ikhena From the Travel team
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What is a good travel insurance policy for Italy?

A good travel insurance policy for Italy should include cover for medical expenses, of up to a limit of around £5 million and flight cancellations. You will also need to ensure you are covered if you lose your luggage or passport, or they’re damaged or stolen. If you’re going skiing, you’ll need to ensure you get additional winter sports cover.

How does the EHIC card affect travel insurance?

How does the EHIC card affect travel insurance?

Italy is in the EU so it’s a good idea to take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. This isn’t a substitute for travel insurance, but it gives you the right to state medical treatment on the same terms as Italian nationals.

One of the advantages of carrying and using an EHIC is that some insurance providers may waive your excess in the event of a medical claim. The cards are free. Simply apply for one from the NHS website – just don’t get caught out by websites that charge you.

What can travel insurance cover?

Check whether your travel insurance covers:

  • Medical care – the right policy will offer you protection if you were to fall ill or have an accident.
  • Flight cancellations and missed connections – your travel insurance could protect you against the extra costs that these events incur. Cover for things like a missed connection isn’t included in all policies, so if you want to be covered for this, make sure you check the policy T&Cs.
  • Damage, loss or theft of your luggage – your travel insurance should cover you for replacing clothes, medicine and toiletries if your luggage is damaged, lost or stolen.  Remember to take note of any excesses that apply on your policy, as well as the overall possessions and single-item limits.
  • Holiday cancellation cover – different insurance providers will cover different reasons for cancellation, so pay particular attention to these. 

Any other tips for a trip to Italy?

Here are a few more travel facts about Italy to help you enjoy your trip.

  • Tipping: this isn’t usually expected in restaurants, but a 10-15% service charge may be added to your bill. Italians rarely tip taxi drivers, but a little on top is always appreciated.
  • Siestas: Some shops will close for a couple of hours during the day while most restaurants and bars will stay open.
  • Pickpockets: Italy is usually a safe and secure country to stay and travel in, but as with anywhere in the world, common sense should be used. Be careful in public places and don’t leave your valuables on display.
  • Visiting churches: Make sure you dress modestly. Avoid shorts and vests, so as not to cause offence.
  • Road safety: Italians like to drive fast. If you’re hiring a car or walking around take extra care on roads.
  • Train travel: You can be fined €20 for travelling without a ticket on the train. Don't board a train without a ticket and ensure it gets validated. To help ensure this doesn’t happen, find out more about taking the train in Italy with the practical guide from Trainline.
Any other tips for a trip to Italy?

Where can I compare travel insurance quotes?

Travel insurance is a very competitive market, so it’s always worth shopping around.  

Whether you want a single trip to Italy covered or are buying travel insurance to cover you and your family for a year, we can help keep things simple.

Where can I compare travel insurance quotes?

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