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What’s classed as a dangerous sport in my travel insurance policy?

Hang gliding? Boxing? Ice cliff climbing? Free diving? Most of us would consider these relatively dangerous sports. And there’s no surprise travel insurance providers do too.

But what about horse riding? A tree walk? A trip in a helicopter? We might not consider these to be as dangerous, and therefore you might be surprised to find that these too could well be classed as dangerous activities by your insurer.



A dangerous sport? What is and isn’t covered?

So how should you go about assessing what’s classed as a dangerous sport in your policy? Well luckily we’re here to help with that and have outlined some tips below that will hopefully help:

Planning your trip

If you know when you’re booking your trip what activities you’re going to do when you’re abroad, it’s relatively straightforward to check your policy documentation to ensure you’re covered.

The problem is that you often do spontaneous things when you’re on holiday such as a ride on a banana boat, hiring a quad bike, going horse riding etc.

One thing you might do is take your policy documentation with you. Then you can check if you’re covered or not. If you see it’s excluded, you can make an informed choice about whether you go ahead anyway, don’t take part, or contact your insurer to see if you can arrange to have the activity included in your policy cover.



Take advantage of our comparison service

If you’re going on a ‘normal’ holiday as opposed to a specialist sporting holiday it would make sense for you to shop on price, and then check for exclusions rather than the other way around.

That’s how we’ve designed our site. It’s easy to enter your trip details and we’ll show you a full list of applicable travel policies. Simply click on ‘more details’ to read the policy documentation alongside the quote. If there’s something you know you’re going to want to do that’s excluded in your policy terms, give the insurer a call in advance of travelling.

Does insurance come with the operator?

If you buy your travel insurance through your holiday provider, they are duty bound to offer you a policy which is appropriate for the holiday you’re going on. This is particularly useful for activity type holidays but probably less so in a beach scenario. Just make sure you double check the details.

Use specialists

If you’re embarking on a trip in order to take part in an unusual or adventurous activity, it might be worth contacting some specialist providers to find appropriate policies and cover.

Not all skiing is skiing!

If you’re going on a skiing holiday and are intending to book winter sports insurance coverage, you still need to check the policy detail. Some activities including skiing off-piste might not be included so it’s worth checking beforehand.

Comparing prices on travel insurance policies couldn’t be easier. Compare today and find the right policy for you and see how much you could save!

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