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Compare Dubai travel insurance

Compare Dubai travel insurance

When it comes to man-made wonders, Dubai is one of the world’s most jaw-dropping destinations. There aren’t many places that offer a mall with over a thousand shops, or a ski resort in a desert. So, how do you choose travel insurance for such a unique holiday location? Let’s take a look.

Patrick Ikhena
From the Travel team
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Posted 28 JANUARY 2020

Do I need travel insurance for Dubai?

It’s not a legal requirement to have travel insurance for Dubai, but you shouldn’t be without it. You won’t have any access to free medical treatment in Dubai so, if you fall ill, you need to have travel insurance or the means to pay a medical bill yourself.

Dubai is generally a very safe city, but as with all tourist destinations there is some pickpocketing. Add to that the risk of lost or damaged luggage and it’s a good idea to have insurance for your personal possessions. Plus, there are all the usual chances of cancellations and delays, which are far less upsetting when you have travel insurance to give you peace of mind.


On 7 September 2020, the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) updated the list of countries that are exempt from its ongoing advice against all non-essential international travel.

If you choose to travel overseas to a destination where the FCDO is advising against non-essential travel at the time of your departure, then your insurance policy will be invalid, and any claim likely to be rejected.

For domestic travel, please check the local public health rules for the destination you wish to travel to within the United Kingdom.

For more information, please see our coronavirus and travel insurance page.

What should I think about when I compare Dubai travel insurance?

  • Does your travel insurance cover Dubai? If you’re relying on insurance that you get free with your bank account, the answer may well be no – those policies often only apply to Europe. For Dubai, you need worldwide travel insurance.
  • Do you have enough cover for your belongings? Because Dubai is the shopping capital of the Middle East, you may well come home with some pricey new possessions. Make sure to factor that in when you choose the level of baggage cover in your insurance policy.
  • Are all your activities covered? Skydiving, dune bashing, sandboarding, quad biking… the list of extreme sports available in Dubai goes on and on. A lot of them won’t be insured under a standard policy, so plan your adventures in advance and make sure you have the cover you need before you travel. Find out more about adventure travel insurance.
  • How much is the trip worth? If you had to cancel, how much money would you lose? Make sure you factor everything in, including flights, hotels, car hire and pre-booked activities. You should have at least that much cancellation cover included in your policy in case you need to claim. Find out more about holiday cancellation cover.
  • Are you going for business? Business travellers to Dubai might want a travel insurance policy that’s geared to their needs. Don’t worry, we can help you find this too. Find out more about business travel insurance.

Do I need a visa for Dubai?

Yes, but it’s easy to get. If you’re a British citizen you can get a 30 day visa when you enter the UAE. While you’re there, you can extend the visa for a fee at the immigration office.

Any other tips for travelling to Dubai?

A stunning destination of sunshine and blue seas, Dubai welcomes 1.2 million visitors from the UK every year. Here are a few things it’s nice to know before you join that number:

  • culture: Dubai is a welcoming place, but you might want to brush up on the etiquette and laws in advance. For example, public displays of affection aren’t acceptable in Dubai and could even get you into legal trouble. See what the Government of Dubai website has to say about Dubai’s etiquette and culture.
  • currency: the official currency is the UAE dirham (Dh) and cash machines are readily available
  • tipping: You don’t have to tip, but it is common and very welcome. Only food and drink outlets inside hotels can add service charges to your bill (usually 10%)
  • vaccines: you should see your doctor at least one month before travelling just to double check, but in most cases, you shouldn’t need anything specific to travel to Dubai or the UAE
  • time difference and flights: Dubai is +4 hours ahead of standard British time (GMT) and the average flight time to Dubai from London is 6 hours and 45 minutes

Compare Dubai travel insurance

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