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Keeping your Gadgets safe while travelling

Not many years ago, if you were travelling with a bunch of expensive gadgets it meant you were probably working for the Secret Service. These days, if you’re like the majority of people, you probably have some kind of gadget with you almost every day.

Keeping your Gadgets safe while travelling

As technology advances, more and more gadgets are making ideal travelling companions. Our e-readers have stopped us carrying a suitcase of books around, cameras have been added to our phones and now even our watches enable us to check in before we get to the airport. But these gizmos aren’t cheap and that makes keeping your gadgets safe when travelling a priority.     


What you need to know about gadget safety while travelling

Here are a few tips to help you keep your gadgets safe when you’re out and about.

- Keep yourself covered. No, we’re not talking about your skin here (although that’s very important too if you’re in hot climes). We’re talking about your valuables. If you’re gadgets are in plain sight, they’re more likely to be taken. Keep them hidden when you’re not using them.

- Don’t keep everything on you. If you carry everything with you, they’re more likely to get lost. For example, if you’re off on a walk somewhere, leave your e-reader or your iPad in the hotel safe.

- Get insured. If you’re travelling with gadgets, make sure you have the right travel insurance in place for your bits of kit, should someone decide to walk off with them, or they accidentally find their way to the bottom of a pool.

How to protect your data while travelling abroad

So we’ve talked about protecting your gadgets. But how about all the information that’s stored on them? This is an aspect to travelling that people tend to overlook, but personal information can be stolen from you without you even noticing. To stop this you can do a few simple things to improve your mobile data security and keep the cyber thieves at bay.

- Passwords, passwords and more passwords. This may seem like an obvious answer, but by ensuring you have a strong password it can halt the cyber criminals in their tracks. Before you leave to go travelling, make sure everything is password protected with a strong phrase or system of numbers.

- Open WiFi networks. This is a big one. By joining a WiFi network that doesn’t require a password, you’re allowing all your internet data (including passwords) to be accessed by that network. Woah, right? To stop this, turn off auto-connect on your devices and only use password protected networks you trust.

- Back up everything before you go. Yes, it can be a boring task backing up everything. But losing your data is more tedious. Back up your data and it means whatever the situation abroad, you have peace of mind that all your information is stored safely at home or securely in the Cloud.

Where can I get travel insurance for my gadgets?

When it comes to getting the right travel insurance for your gadgets, you could spend an entire week trying to find the right insurer. Luckily, at comparethemarket.com you don't have to. We compare dozens of insurance providers for you all at once, saving you time and money. All you need to do is click here and start comparing the best travel insurance for you. Not every travel insurance provider provides gadget cover so check this is available with the policy you select. Just remember to add on cover for your gadgets when you make your final purchase so you’re covered. The wonders of modern technology. Happy travelling!

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