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Is health cover included in student travel insurance policies?

Travelling can be the most exciting thing in the world – exploring new cultures, seeing new places and maybe soaking up some sunshine.

But while you’re planning all of the fun you want to squeeze into your trip, it can be easy to forget important things like travel insurance.

While this might not feel like an important part of getting ready for your holiday, it could save you a lot of hassle in the long-run.

What to look for

Good travel policies will come with all sorts of features that might bamboozle you into thinking one is better than the other. What policy suits you best will largely depend on what you’ll be doing (like whether you’re throwing yourself down a snow covered mountain or dangling underneath a suspension bridge on a bungee cord).

Your policy should also include cover if you need to cancel or cut short your holiday because of a family emergency. Look for compensation if your flights are delayed or if your holiday provider goes under as well.


Is health cover included in student travel insurance policies?

What else to look for

Even worse than your travel provider going bust is if you make it to your destination but your luggage ends up marooned on a baggage carousel on the opposite side of the world to you. So you might want to make sure your policy includes cover for lost, stolen or damaged luggage. Or, nightmare situation, if your phone, camera and all your other ‘techy stuff’ is ruined or pinched.

And just how long are you going away for? There’s no point wasting your money on an annual policy if one holiday a year is enough. Stick to a single trip travel policy unless of course you plan on raiding the piggy bank and backpacking across the world. Paying only for what you need is the best idea and could save you money.

But what if you missed your plane and the adventure of a lifetime (or week in Greece) never happens? As those bitter tears of disappointment run down your cheeks you can cheer yourself up knowing your travel insurance may cover the cost of your hols.


what to look for when getting travel insurance?

Student health insurance

Just because you’ve got youth on your side doesn’t mean you can get away without having decent medical cover on your travel policy. All travel insurance policies will have some sort of medical cover, but there’s a few things to bear in mind.

If you’re travelling to Europe, make sure you get an EHIC card; having one means you’ll get the same emergency medical treatment as the locals. But for extra protection, your travel policy will provide medical cover and the cost of getting you back home (often called repatriation costs in your policy) so make sure your policy covers you for that too.

Make sure you’ve got enough cover for where you go – we might have a ‘special relationship’ with the great US of A but that doesn’t mean we get any special healthcare off them. Breaking a leg may be good luck but in the land of the free it’ll cost you £25,000 to fix it. Even less drastic injuries and sickness can cost an arm and a leg in America. Tummy trouble can set you back £20,000 and the average cost of treating common tourist ailments comes in at £15,889.

So anyway, happy holidays and before you pack your sun cream make sure you’ve definitely booked your travel insurance.

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