Who doesn’t love a holiday? There’s nothing not to like – the build-up, the countdown, the frantic packing and the thought of actual sunshine – it’s just all too exciting. And then that vote happened and suddenly we’re bombarded with news that the pound is weaker than ever and our beloved holidays will cost us even more – disaster. But is it? Just because your pound won’t get you as many Euros, doesn’t mean all holidays are off – it’s a big wide world out there – so where are you going to go?


Going on holiday with the weak pound

Us Brits made 68.4 million trips abroad in 2015 which is a lot of sunscreen. And we’re an increasingly intrepid bunch with holidays to Europe and America up year on year; it seems we just can’t get enough of aeroplane food. But that was then, now the British Pound is only worth 1.15 Euros and $1.24* compared to last summer’s 1.30 Euros and $1.45 – it’s enough to make you cry into your sangria (if you can afford it).

Look on the bright side though – you can get plenty of South African Rands*, Rupees* and Yen* for your pound. And of those currencies, it seems that South Africa has the perfect balance between value and currency exchange. It turns out Cape Town gives tourists the best value for touristy type treats like coffees, evening meals and a few cheeky beers. It’s closely followed by Bali in Indonesia and then Tokyo, Japan.

But if those destinations are all a bit far flung, then Norway – home of fjords, elk, reindeer and trolls, also offers great value for our beleaguered pound. And then there’s the staycation – it’s the perfect opportunity for nostalgia – donkey rides, shingle beaches and mediocre ice cream. But it’s all good because you’re still on holiday, and you can still do the things you would when you’re abroad.

Of course, wherever you decide to go, there is one thing you should never travel without (apart from your toothbrush and clean underwear) and that’s your travel insurance. Smart travellers know you can never second guess what’s going to happen (and wise travellers know that what happens on holiday, stays on holiday) so be safe, not sorry and make sure you don’t leave home without it.

*Exchange rate correct as of 15 November 2016 from http://www.exchangerates.org.uk/British-Pound-GBP-currency-table.html