What travel insurance do I need for South America?

It doesn’t get much more inspiring. Whether you’re visiting the Galapagos Islands, taking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, visiting vibrant Rio, horse riding in Patagonia, or touring Argentina, your South America holiday will be hard to top. But before the fun truly starts, it’s time to get the less exciting stuff out the way, starting with travel insurance… 

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What travel insurance do I need for backpacking in South America?

If you’re planning on backpacking in South America, it’s a good idea to have backpackers insurance, which is aimed at people who want to travel for long periods of time, often to several different countries. If your trip is likely to include adventure sports and activities, you might also need extreme sports or winter sports cover.

What should my South America travel insurance cover?

What should my South America travel insurance cover?

How you plan to spend your time in South America will determine whether you need to add to your policy’s existing features.

Fancy trying your hand at some extreme sports? It’s easy to arrange additional cover for especially adventurous activities, just make sure you’re covered for everything from high-altitude hiking to white water rafting.

As far as the basics go, a good South America holiday insurance policy should include:

Medical coverage – most policies include medical coverage, so if you get ill or injured while on your trip to South America, your policy will cover the cost of your care. What’s more if you have any pre-existing conditions, you can easily get coverage that’s specific to your needs.

Your belongings – always check that your luggage is covered for theft or damage, and also what the individual item limits are on the policy. This is especially crucial if you’re bringing expensive equipment with you, like a laptop or specialist camera. More on baggage cover.

Travel problems – cancelled, delayed, or missed flights can all be covered by travel insurance, which is handy if you plan on hopping from destination to destination. Delayed bags are typically covered in your policy too, but it’s always good to double-check.

Personal liability – if you have an accident that inadvertently affects others on your trip, personal liability cover helps should you get sued for damages. 
Legal fees – you shouldn’t need this, but it’s great peace of mind to know your travel insurance covers you for legal expenses, should you need them.

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