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Alpine views and winter sports are just two reasons why Switzerland is a popular holiday destination. Whether you’re going with family or friends, it’s important you get travel insurance to give you peace of mind on your trip. 

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How much is travel insurance for Switzerland?

If you’re visiting Switzerland, European travel insurance could cost from £5 for a week or £8 for a multi-trip policy, based on Compare the Market data in February 2019. A multi-trip policy will cover you for more than one trip in a 12-month period. 

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What type of travel insurance do I need when visiting Switzerland?

If you’re travelling to Switzerland then you’ll need European travel insurance as either a single-trip or annual multi-trip policy. A single-trip policy tends to cover you for 30-days and a multi-trip policy will cover more than one trip in a 12-month period. Some providers may offer an extended single trip policy if you plan to stay for a longer period than 30 days. Alternatively, you may need to consider backpackers insurance.

If you’re travelling as a group, with up to 10 people, then you can get a group travel insurance policy or a family policy. If you buy a family travel policy, your children may be covered at no extra cost by some providers. You’ll still need to provide details of everyone who is travelling.

If you’re taking part in any winter sports, such as snowboarding or ski-ing then you’ll need a winter sports travel insurance policy, which will offer more comprehensive cover than a standard policy. With winter sports insurance you’ll have cover for:

  • loss of ski pass
  • avalanche delay
  • piste closure for more than 24 hours
  • personal liability should you injure someone else.

Check your policy to see what winter sports activities are covered as it varies between providers.

What else do I need to know when travelling to Switzerland?

Visa: if you’re a British citizen with a valid passport, then you won’t need a visa to travel to Switzerland.

Currency: the Swiss Franc is the national currency in Switzerland

Language: Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh. What language you hear will depend on which border you’re closest to. For example, if you’re visiting the west Switzerland, you’ll hear more French. When you’re closer to the southern border, you’ll hear more Italian.

Transport: if you plan to travel around Switzerland by train, consider getting a Swiss Rail pass, which can be more cost effective then getting individual tickets.

EHIC: A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)** gives you access to state-provided healthcare that may be necessary while you’re on holiday on the same terms as a local. However, it’s not a replacement for travel insurance and it won’t cover you for treatment at a private hospital. If you need medical attention, go to a state medical facility first and tell your insurance provider. They will give you advice on what additional private treatment might be covered by your policy. You can get an EHIC card free via the NHS.

**UK residents can use an EHIC card during the Brexit negotiations and until the UK leaves the EU. The UK Government has proposed a similar scheme to the EHIC in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal. However, this is subject to EU countries agreeing to that proposal.

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