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What’s the best student travel insurance for a young student travelling abroad?

Going away without mum and dad can be a holiday in itself, but going ‘away, away’ is even more exciting.

So you might get swept along in the anticipation of it all and when that happens, it’s all too easy to forget the basics – like travel insurance.

But it’s important to find the right policy for you. The one that fits your needs the best – not necessarily the cheapest and not necessarily the same as the buddies you’re travelling with. So what should you look out for?

Travel insurance must haves

All good insurance policies will have some common features regardless of whether you’re specifically looking for the best travel insurance for students or otherwise. Things like:

Medical expenses – “the greatest wealth is health” as the saying goes but you’re going to have to cough up in the first place in order to keep it. Make sure you’re covered for treatment and emergency flights back home (repatriation). If you’re heading off to Europe, make sure you have an EHIC card which will give you the same healthcare that locals get and can be used in conjunction with your travel policy.

Cancellation and curtailment – you might want to have a policy that protects you against the cancellation or curtailment (cutting short) of your holiday. Your policy should cover you for the cost of your holiday, so if you’re only off to Spain for a week then you probably won’t need a policy that covers a trip worth £10,000 – unless you’re holidaying in some serious style. Check you’re protected if your holiday provider goes bust too as you don’t want to lose out.

Delays and missed departures – no one wants a delayed flight. But if your insurance covers you for this, it may cover the cost of extra meals or a night in a hotel whilst you wait for the airline to sort it out. Check your policy covers you for missed departures too although providers tend to be very specific about what counts as a good reason for a ‘missed departure’ – spending too much time browsing in Duty Free isn’t usually one of them.

Abandon ship – not literally. But if you do need to cancel your travel plans for a good reason then your provider may cover at least some of the cost.

Personal liability – it wasn’t me, honest. But it could be you that unwittingly causes an accident, in which case you’ll heave a sigh of relief at the personal liability clause in your travel policy.

Family deckchairs

It’s travel insurance bonus time

Everything else in your policy should be geared around what you’ll be doing whilst you’re away. So think about whether you’ll be doing any sports considered ‘dangerous’ or ‘risky’ like bungee jumping (usually obligatory if you’re travelling, especially to Australia it seems; no?),  abseiling or white water rafting – you get the idea. It might start off as a laugh but what happens if you find yourself up a creek without a paddle?

If you’re off for a long time then at least make sure your travel insurance has your back. You can get a backpacker’s policy that will cover you for long periods and may even allow you trips back home so your mum can do your laundry before you head back into the wilds.

Regular travellers only need to concern themselves with single or annual policy types – but again, the best one will depend on how itchy your feet get when you’re back in Old Blighty.

So – what is the best travel insurance? You’re best off with a policy that suits your needs rather than one that’s compatible with the limited contents of your wallet. You’ll thank us for it if you come to claim, so why not start comparing?

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